Mount Laurel, New Jersey

so i go to the local anytime firness and check it out and this kid who works there sits me down at a table. I know he's going to pitch me some plans, after i let him give his little sells pitch, which only featured monthly charges being automatially debited from my checking account, i asked what it would be if i paid 1 year in full.

i was told they didnt have that. i thanked them and left. to me that seemed liked they were more interested in just getting access to my checking account than actually signing up members.

a 12 month program at $40 is $480 plus the dreaded 1 time sign up fee of around $100. so i figure if they are willing to pass on $580, then that was some ting i should just walk away from

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Fake complaint.


No Escrow account at the one I just left. They sell the paper to loan companies.

As far as the gym owner/s being bonded, they should be.

Too many of them are hustlers and would sell their grandmother for a fast buck.

Read the contract VERY CAREFULLY and read every word of it. Look for loan company logo's on the contract before you make your decission.


I'm a manager at Anytime Fitness and I would MUCH rather have someone pay in full then put them in an agreement term.


Anytime wants members to sign the contract since it's very hard to get out of their contract. ABC Financial handles the contracts, find someone there that is willing to help you with getting your contract cancelled, they don't offer any help in getting a contract cancelled and change the rules. Even the employees at the local Anytime had trouble getting my membership cancelled.


Most states require the gym owner to be bonded in order to offer paid in full memberships. Since its the govt it requires a fee and proof that an escrow accoungt is set up.

The monthly membership seems like it would protect you should they go out of business.