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I opened a membership with Anytime Fitness. My membership was a student one which when I went back to college in the fall was supposed to be frozen.

It was not it was only put on a temporary hold. They started automatically charging me the monthly fee 6 months later. By the time I could get to the club to cancel the membership and query them about it, I was 180 miles away at college, they had already charged me 2 months. I then went over to them to try and get to the bottom of this.

They admitted that they made a mistake and said they would refund one months worth. Then they said that they could not cancel the account that we would have to call the financial service who then told me they could not cancel the membership that I would have to send a letter. Low an behold another month gets charge to us before we are acknowleged. In the mean time we are out 3 months worth.

When you call an ask why they say it is corporate policy and they are following it. In the mean time I am called and harrassed about not paying something from last year which I had paid everything. I have the statments to prove this fact. They are not helpfull at all.

Refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing.

Now I am stuck having to pay money when I did nothting wrong! Where is the justice

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I learned my lessons long ago about gym membership.......NEVER EVER, NEVER NEVER NEVER JOIN GYM CLUBS.....they are all scammers when it comes time to terminate your membership. Besides how many times have these gyms closed down after signing up so many people & people losing their money. Same thing for Spa membership...they're all crooks..!

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