Fort Worth, Texas
Not resolved

We are building a new house too far away from any of their gyms. We talked to our location and we're told to turn in our door fobs and call the "customer service" number. We did just that. We were told it would be $100 early termination fee- no problem. We even sent the the contract on our home. We received a letter today saying they would NOT be canceling our contract and to pay them my monthly fee or they would turn us over to collections.

If I'd have read all of these complaints before - I NEVER would have joined this gym for the sole purpose of they use ABC Financial Services. These guys are the worst kind of crooks. They are rude and abusive.

All I want to do is CANCEL OUR MEMBERSHIP!!!

Reason of review: Can not cancel membership.

Preferred solution: Cancel my membership. Stop threatening my family..

Anytime fitness Cons: Can not cancel, Abc financial services, Being threatened, Being harassed.

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