Kitchener, Ontario

Some of your complaints just make me laugh. I've been a member for over 2 years, and I work out at the Victoria Street Anytime Fitness club.

I was with Goodlife in downtown Kitchener for over 9 years. I left Goodlife because of *** manager types, in your face promoting by thier sales people while I was trying to work out. I have heard that half-of the members of the Anytime Fitness, Kitchener-Cambridge clubs, went to collection, which means, peoples wallets were not paying THEIR membership fees, when it was required to be taken out of someone's bank account. This issue, is not the problem of the club owners Brian or Lisa, or otherwise their staff.

The issue is of people, who are signed membership, who do not understand that, if you have a membership there or anywhere ... you need to have m-o-n-e-y in your account(s) to pay for the service you want. If you cannot pay ... then why should the club(s) keep you as a memeber, likely just so you can use their location(s) for FREE?Some people on here, complaining about money issues, billing concerns, rules and regulations, pre-paying/authorization plans, need to get thier own priorities straight, and fig'ger out what is more important in your lives.

Having a gym pass per month, paid in-full, or owning an expensive vehicle, smartphone(s), buying high-end clothing, or else living in a costly house with high bills per month to be paided.Once, the complain'ers, pick from thier high-end things that they all want in life ...

for instead, a gym memebership, and can actually pay for it, then perhaps the Anytime Fitness locations in Kitchener-Cambridge, will remove or modify thier pre-arrangement plans, considering, then peoples monthly payments will n-o-t bounce. Plus, the only reason why most if not, all, Anytime Fitness clubs are small, is because of thier business modules.

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This was clearly written by the staff of this gym.


one more thing. IF you don't KNOW for sure if have of the memberships are going to collections, than don't make an a@@ out of yourself.

I heard from a friend recently that George Bush blew up the World Trade Center to achieve some strange political goal. I heard from another friend that we were brought to this planet by space aliens. No joke. I also heard from a friend that all people on welfare are just leaching off the system, but when I asked him how many people he knew on welfare, he only knew one.

It was his Aunt and she suffered a head injury and could no longer function on her own (she was probably on social security, but whatever).

If you don't really know the numbers then don't pretend like you do. If your buddies with the owner and he said something like that, don't just assume he is telling the truth because you guys are buds. We all know that there are *** in society.

And there are probably more people who are smart enough but have a terrible time managing money. They exist.

But I doubt half of your gym is made up of those people. Given your remarks, I'd venture to guess that your gym probably appears somewhere else on this site.


Wow. I think you mistook this site for a right wing conservative political blog. This site is for people who feel they have been wronged by the company to come forward and share it with other people who have had the same issues or are looking into a membership.

It is so strange that you would just assume that none of these people have any legitimate complaint. I know your type. You get some kick out of telling people how much better you are than them. You don't couch it in those terms, instead you talk about how *** people are because they get memberships without having enough money to pay for them. You list all the things that you think these people have that are more important to them than their gym membership. But you have no idea if they have any of those things or if having any of those things actually prevents them from paying their membership fees.

What I read is alot of people who thought they were getting a good rate, but it turned out that they didn't. There are some people who had life changing events (pregnancy/big move) and couldn't get out of their contracts. Quite a few people who thought the cleanliness was subpar and complained about it, only to be punished for doing so. There also appears to be alot of misunderstandings that are leaving people angry. People don't understand the rules. When people don't understand the rules and they break them, they should be hemmed up for it, but this isnt prison or the marine corp. People need to treat each other with respect. Employees can patiently explain why people are being punished if they break the rules. They can show sympathy and empathy without caving in.

Further, my guess is you are an owner of one of these clubs and your angry all these people are complaining. Otherwise, I really don't know why the *** you would come on here to attack people for airing grievances.


Thanks buddy, your unbiased rant just convinced me not to get a membership in any of the try-city locations. If you weren't so ***, I might have gotten caught up in what May have turned out to be a sticky and unpleasant experience.



Surprised to hear you say that but not sure what you are saying anyway.

I have been a member for 2 1/2 years and the service is great, the club is awesome and I wouldn't go back to any of the other gyms ever. I pay my dues, and I agreed to pay them.

The manager is great and the trainers are very helpful.

Can't go wrong with this club. I also like that I can use any of their gyms anywhere I travel.