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The Anytime Fitness Centre in Pune, India, suddenly brought its shutters down on the 28th of April and there is absolutely no informaion forthcoming on why they closed down or if and when they'll reopen. There was no advance notice on this and I came to know of this when I went to the gym on the 30th.

They had taken money from us in advance and the managers are now incommunicado.

Emails to the the address '' has gone unreplied. I know they have other centres in India and I will advise caution while dealing with these bunch who have taken money from us and seems to have vanished.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I have got some one who replied me long back, Here is the contact details of the Customer care executive in UK.

"If you have any information please inform me on"

Julie Johnson | Customer Solutions

Anytime Fitness, LLC

12181 Margo Avenue South

Suite 101

Hastings, MN 55033

Phone: 651-438-5087

Fax: 651-438-5099



gym starting on 7th july


Can someone post the link / scan on Pune mirror which was published today supposedly


Please read the detail advt in Pune Mirror on Thursday and Saturday


Mr. C.

Lunawat is refunding full fees paid by members to Anytime Fitness.

He is contactable on 9930373421. Kindly contact him quickly.


any updates on d gym people ???


That should tell all of us something if the calls are routed to Bombay,India! That country is loaded with call centers that will say anything to ya to get your money. :(


That should tell all of us something if the calls are routed to Bombay,India! That country is loaded with call centers that will say anything to ya to get your money. :(


They ripped me off too. They got me to sign up, then they NEVER bothered to show me how to use the equipment.

They certainly showed up on my bank acct every month however when the payment was due!! Thieves in every store that they have!



The mobile of Pratibha Lunavat (9819933943)is switched off.

Wt do we do mow?



Gotta do something! Gotta do something! By the time we all share our experience, these people would be gone with their machines. Count me in for police complaint this saturday at your suggested timeline! :cry


The gym shut shop on 28th of April 2011 without any prior notice. I contacted the Bombay office and spoke to a female named Shailaja (Mobile nbr. 9619889920) on 9 May 2001 and was told that the gym will open a week later. Today 16th May 2011, and its still closed down.I tried contacting Shailaja, and obviously she did not pick up, nor had the courtesy to call back.

There is no follow up notice put up either.

I presume that all the members have been taken for a ride?

I have a couple of photographs of the comments written by the members. I can mail them to interested members. Or they can go up and read it for themselves.


we members of anytime fitness pune goin to lodge police complaint tomm that is tuesday .


lets meet at the gym on 22/5/2011 at 10 am and as a group file a police complain o take some action

post if ur in...


Any chance you can come to US and use these same tactics to help resolve the thievery being performed on Snap Fitness members here? I like the Indian style for "justice", "payback", or just plain pissed!

This company has played this same situation many times and it always favors corporate.

It wil only change if corporate does not benefit from the circumstances. Good luck to you and "tear it up!"


My friend spoke to the owner and his family. Their statement is that the gym is going to reopen in June.

Now let us see ki how much weightage do they have in their promise. Also, if the trainers are concerned as i have stated before let us all members meet up outside thegym premises on 14th or 15th of may at 9 am in the morning. If we dont get an explaination, then lets break the doors and destroy the machines or else report it to police legally in order to get back our deposits.

It is clear that in any case we are not getting our deposit back. SO GYM MEMBERS AND TRAINERS IN ORDER TO TASTE THE BLOOD OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE LETS BRING IT ON!!!!


Has anybody been able to talk to the staff members regarding the actual reason why the gym is closed? Is it ever going to reopen or its gone....


i heard few members from Pune are being refunded by Pratibha Lunavat

All u need to do is call her9819933943

react fast as they have very little money.

I'm an employ of the branch so I'm concerned about people who have paid their fees


My Friend spoke to Mr. Lunawat yesterday and he said that new management is going to take over and the gym is going to reopen in June!


This is exactly what happened in Yulee Florida! This has got to be the worst franchise ever!!!!