Goshen, Indiana
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I am a certified trainer. I joined Anytime Fitness to workout in studio. As people saw me doing my workout with yoga, they began to ask if they could join me. No one was ever using the studio. So i was holding yoga classes at 5:30 on Monday and Wednesday. No one complaining. Group grew to 14 attending. People were attending who paid membership and others were coming in to my class from outside paying Anytime Fitness $5.00 to take my yoga class. I wasn't being paid at all.

Yesterday, we all showed up to find the trainer, Bo, had taken over the studio for a class. And we were told we would have to wait until after 6:15pm to use it.

No one ever contacted me so i could notify my group. Very upset and angry women. Many are going to cancel their memberships and those paying extra will not be going anymore.

The manager and trainer did not handle this matter professionally or personally to me so we could have discussed it.

The rug was jerked out from under us. I wasnt being paid by your company but I was bringing people in who were excited to be working with me, calling me their"angel". Their back problems were getting better and flexibility. So joined the gym because of my class.

This is very wrong. We were treated poorly and without consideration.

Angry on behalf of my group and myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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