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My credit card swipe strip was somehow copied and then used for fraudulent charges. My card was cancelled and a new credit card issued.

It took about 9 days for the card to arrive. In the mean time, Anytime Fitness received a decline from my bad card. I called the franchise owner with my new card info, not knowing the card charge was already attempted. The owner told me it's a $20 automatic fee for declined cards, but the owner waived the fee.

HOLY ***! If they really wanted, they can hit you with $20 over something you have no control. I already pay $40 a month because I cannot afford Obamacare health insurance to cover 1/2 monthly fee like everyone else. I am month to month.

NEVER EVER sign up for anything more than m-to-m. Just thought of something... I remember getting a robocall that sounded like a typical scam. I think Anytime Fitness uses a third party for debt collection and update member credit cards.

They didn't say A.F. I don't ever get that kind of call. So I believe it was A.F. collection agency.

That would be a bad sign.

The other issue you need to know is each franchise owner sets his or her own policies. The owner of mine allows high school kids to come in at significantly reduced rates. They arrive around 8pm and leave around midnight.

They bring in their friends for free, against the rules, but no one there to stop them. So, literally 25+ high school jerkoffs will be hanging and socializing on the free weights, benches, everywhere. They will slam the weights to the ground. They will grunt and moan, impersonating real body builders.

I end up leaving and driving 12 miles to another location. You really need to know how each place is run. Anytime Fitness are suppose to have the same amenities and similar layout. But the equipment is extremely different at each location.

The place where I signed up uses old dysfunctional equipment that breaks down a lot. Where you sign up is your "home gym". You go to another A.F. gym and you are looked down upon by that franchise owner.

They do! They look at you like a leech and talk down to you. Been to a lot of them on my travels. A.F.

franchises are really messed up.

They need to be on the same page. Never know what you're going to get.

Reason of review: Fees, Equipment, Non-Members.

Preferred solution: Remove "fees". Call members when credit cards decline. Don't let in high school kids. .

  • Broken Weight Equipment
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Really i went there and nothing happened.