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I had originally signed up with a friendly and professional staff at the Mashpee, Cape Cod location. There, they cleaned the entire gym and bathrooms on a daily basis. I frequented their gym at different times of the day and there was always an employee cleaning. I had to move back to RI and was severely disappointed after a few months of visiting this location. The upkeep is the complete opposite of Mashpee's with hair, clogged toilets, and no paper towels as a consistent sight to be seen.

Aside from the uncleanliness, it is very difficult to terminate your subscription. My 18-month contract was up and I had called in an attempt to ensure any auto-renewal plans were turned off. I received confirmation over the phone that I was "taken off the auto-renewal." Soon after, I received an email in an attempt to get me to return with a free personal training session. I declined, explain my situation, and asked when I could return my key fob. A family member helped return the key fob on my behalf and asked the employee, "Do I need a receipt or anything to ensure that this key fob was returned?" They once again reassured her that it would be taken care of in their computer system and no receipt would be necessary. Credit card statements came in and I saw two charges: $39.99 and $19.99 (I am still not sure what the $19.99 is for). Therefore, I called again inquiring why I was still being charged now that my auto-renewal was turned off, the key fob was returned, and I wasn't locked into any contract. They then explained that because I did not sign a form, I would still be charged for the months I was not attending, as well as another full month because you are billed 30 days after you sign their termination form.

All in all, it would have been common decency to have brought up this form when (1) I called to confirm auto-renewal was off, (2) when we spoke via email and (3), when my family member returned the key fob and asked about a receipt. From all this dishonesty and uncleanliness, I can only hope karma catches up with human beings willing to run a business in such a fashion.

:[ What a sad world we live in. And to think I took the time to write these negative reviews to post in multiple spots... I never write reviews - good or bad - but then again, "never say never," right?

I truly hope that there are people who consider doing research on Anytime Fitness before they join so that they may understand the difficulties ensued with signing any membership forms with them.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANYTIME FITNESS ! ! ! ! ! You have been warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Anytime fitness Cons: Bad management, Uncleanliness, Dishonesty, Cancellation policy.

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Auto renewal was turned off. That only means the membership expires at the end of the initial agreement period.

If it's not that far a long yet, you will keep being billed until then.

That means if you signed for a 3 year (for example) membership and you're only 2 years into it, you still have 1 year to go. There's no reason for a termination form, though.

Of course, most locations require some sort of written consent to change anything with the membership so if you just called it in, the auto renewal deletion might not have happened.