Dallas, Texas

I cannot get any satisfaction from Anytime Fitness. First they moved to a smaller space a mile FURTHER from my home and their 24 hour policy is great EXCEPT I don't feel safe working out in the middle of the night at this new place.

I have told them all of this but of course they don't care. I am PISSED! My husband lost his job and we are stuck in this contract. On top of that they are mischarging me for tanning which I do not get and I have to pay the bank to stop them from taking money out of my account.

I have had enough of these jerks! UGH!

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You all need to realize that signing a contract is a binding agreement. You agreed to pay the full amount and nothing less.

As for the safety aspect and the billing errors. Have you called ABC Financial (Anytime Fitness's Financial Side) and told them you need the tanning charges removed from your account? I am a manager at an Anytime Fitness and I know for a fact that the safety complaint you gave is outrageous.

Every Anytime Fitness is REQUIRED to have EVERY square inch of their facility under 24 hour surveillance and doors locked after staffed hours with the security alarm on. If they dont than they are in breach of franchisee contract with corporate.


Membership,are you kidding me if you have to find another reasonably priced Gym,Anytime and Snap are Gyms that advertise their local and don't make you sign contracts,and that's just for starters,anyone defending them rings of ulterior motives owner or interest,how many years do these unethical franscises pulling it off,bad to own work for associate with pose testimonials on site as local store,til you get to the end from three states away fake cookie cutting bait-n-switch,the response to this by there insider will be funnier than they are.


*** them for moving a mile down the street,charging you for tanning, and knowing that you husband lost his job! They should just rip up those contracts and claim bankruptcy!--You are the perfect example of the modern American loser who thinks you are entitled and excusable when things go sour..get yourself together and change before you have to...


So many of these posts contain the phrase "get out of my contract". What part of signing a contract do people not understand?

Reasons like these are precisely *why* companies have you sign contracts! Suck it up, grow up, move on, quit being the victim, whatever.


Anytime fitness is a joke. Been trying to get out of our contract for months.


we were locked out of the gym while we were paying and Boone would answer our calls. Plain and simple don't ever do business with anytime fitness .......


Randy, Did you read the complaint? Thank you for your thoughts in this matter, but they really do not matter!

The point of this complaint is not setting up the billing, it is the *** service after you are hooked contractually with this horrible company. This person should go to the BBB, local chamber of commerce, media and complain as loudly as possible until AF lets them out of the contract.

The club moving, inaccurate billing and the safety aspect should allow this couple to resign from this contract. (Anytime Fitness shills on this site are getting old!)


I am a happy member at Anytime Fitness, but although retired, spent 42 years in the fitness business. Virtually ALL health clubs in the world use a third party billing service - because it's less expensive, more efficient, and many owners are not experienced in running a finance company.

Get over it. There is an annual cost to your membership.

You either pay cash, or if you finance your membership expect to make all the payments. Period.


This seems to be typical of these 24/7 franchised fitness clubs. The franchisees and club members are sucked into this "new and improved" business model which sets up people for this type of situation.

A third party billing service is used to alleviate the franchisee and corporate from potential negative consequences. BUYER BEWARE!