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The Anytime Fitness in Washington, Pa is absolutely terrible. I have had a membership there for 4 months and I have had a bad experience since I started.

Every time I go to the gym there is not a single piece of cardio equipment available to use. As I am in my stage of weight loss, cardio is essential to my work out plan. I have tried contacting the owner and employees based on my experiences and disappointment. They responded by saying I should try their free 30 day workout class.

Since I had decided to become healthier and more active, I have made a custom work out plan along with a strict diet. I do not want to participate in group classes even if it is free. I want to follow MY plan. I also tried explaining how I drive 10-15 minutes from my house to come to the gym and that when I get there I automatically see no available equipment so I end up waiting for several minutes.

The machines are constantly full so I end up driving home. They replied by saying try coming at these times. As a full time worker, I do not have time to come on someone else's "preferred time". I have a very busy schedule that limits my time for anything.

I simply asked if there was anything I can do to cancel my membership. She then continued to give me options and recommendations, but I am simply not happy with the gym. They said if these recommendations do not work then we can discuss way to cancel membership. Before I could even reply, she sent another email stating that we cannot cancel.

Why give me the option if I cant choose it?

I am extremely disappointed with Anytime Fitness specifically at this location because they only have 5 treadmills and 4 elliptical. In a town with about 14,000 residents, I would think they would make room from more equipment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Unsatisfied with service .

Preferred solution: Cancel my membership.

Anytime fitness Cons: Dislike and do not recommend new members.

  • Health Club Poor Service
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all they seem to care about is new memberships and contracts for training, they dont care about their members once they have signed. if they did they would stop taking new members.

theres no freeking room in mine. i just walked out after being unable to do abs due to crowd.