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I had a year contract with Flagstaff Anytime Fitness that ended in December 2013. I stopped going there about six months ago when the manager Hilary left.

I continued to make my automatic payment because I signed the contract even though I no longer felt comfortable at or enjoyed the gym. The few times I went over there to talk to someone there was always a note on the door saying sorry they weren't there for one reason or another. In the year I was a member there were at least 3 different managers and the trainers changed weekly too. I never knew who even worked there after Hilary left.

In January I wasn't charged and because I had signed a year contract that was over and hadn't used the facility in months I thought I was done with it. In February they started charging me again so I called today when I saw it on my bank statement to try and clear things up. The girl who answered the phone was upset and annoyed when she answered the phone. I tried to talk to her about my account and she very rudely told me that I initialized some fine print that gave them the right to keep charging me even after my contract expired because I didn't call them.

My problem is not with the policy at Anytime Fitness it is with whoever answered the phone and told me I was "being rude and interrupting" her... I asked to speak with a manager and she told me she was the manager and had no boss and there was no one else I could talk to. I eventually hung up and she proceeded to call me back four times and continue the argument.

I worked in customer service for over ten years and managed two restaurants and I would never talk to anyone the way I was spoken to today. I will definitely never return to any Anytime Fitness and I will share my experiences with my friends and family.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Facility.

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Sorry, I agree. Their policy on cancellation is "try to find us" and farming out their billing to another company who acts like a debt collector. I had to resort to the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer complaint page.


I am still trying to get my membership cancelled! I have all the requirements for one and he owner of the Sanger Texas gym ridiculed me for wanting to cancel.

He told me that the doctors excuse was laughable! It's a doctors excuse!

Not laughable and should be honored! It's been a terrible experience!


Your ignorance proceeds your temper. She was probably calling you back to explain the process of canceling your automatic renewal, but you were to emotionally strung up, planning on how you were going to type this out on Pissed Consumer.

LoL. First world problems.


Lol!l It was probably you that I talked to on the phone!! You obviously have way too much time on your hands...

do you just sit there behind a computer reading these comments n talking *** under "Anonymous" to people you don't know about situations you know nothing about? What a LOSER! Get a life n mind your own business!!

You pathetic waste of air. Come on out here to Arizona if you have something you want to say!