Moreno Valley, California
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My contract states that I would not be automatically renewed when my contract expired. Guess what?

It was automatically renewed. I first contacted my individual AF branch and asked to took 3 months for them to respond to me. Apparently no one at White Bear returns phone calls. When they finally called back after sending several letters they said I would need to contact Apex Mgmt.

I did. However, Apex needed something in writing. So I faxed over a signed cancellation notice. "They never received it." I faxed a 2nd and a 3rd notice.

I just called and I still owe for those months in between when they never received my notice. Hopefully I wont get charged again in July.

I will not recommend this gym to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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These posts are old, but there's ALWAYS was to get out of the contract! I'm a former Bally Total Fitness employee and current Anytime Fitness mbr.

AF took a page out of Bally's deceptive playbook.

Lock people in contracts--EFT only---hope they never come--and most importantly create so much fine print no one will read it.

As long as you act fast you should have no problem cancelling a contract with no penalties (Other than losing a sign up fee if you paid one).

1. You have 3 business days from the day you signed up to cancel. So if you signed up Friday, you can cancel Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday.

If you look at the contract, you can nullify it for a few reasons: moving to an area without an AF within a certain radius, not sure the exact #)

2. If it's not safe or contraindicated for you to continue to workout there. This has the most flexibility. All you need is a "Dr's Note" saying so.

Given medical information is protected private information, you do NOT need your DR to argue why you can not work out nor does any gym have any way or right to look at medical records to refute a physicians opinion. These "roadblocks" are put up to prevent people from trying to get out, to give up. It's really not that hard to get out. If you've not gone for 9 mos and the gym has not collected $ from you, you simply need to provide information saying you moved or became physically unfit to use the gym 9 mos ago.

The moral here is, if you think you've been wronged, make up the note, or find a way to make it look like you moved.

Bally's takes the cake on deception by far over AF! I'm currently a member of AF despite their outrages prices for the value, just because I don't want to run into someone at a different gym.


VERY WELL PUT! Herein lies the problem.

Consistency, training, experience, staffing, cleanliness, policies, resigning, etc. with these franchised 24 hour clubs. IT'S ALL ABOUT MAKING $$$. The owners of 24 hour club franchises got sucked into it and are learning the hard way about how challenging the fitness industry can be.

As soon as they realize they cannot break even and will be subsidizing the business and see no end in sight, the real fun begins for members! SOMEONE IS GOING TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE! Corporates are making BANK while franchisees are wiping out. Recession proof?

RIGHT! Profitable? RIGHT! Easy?

RIGHT! They may be trying to survive with an impossible business model. Hear that?

It's the circling sound around the drain. Won't be long now for a lot of franchisees!


Go to Bluemaumau and look up "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" and read what is happening to the 24 hour clubs in regards to staffing, tanning and CPR/AED requirements. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face! :grin


I agreed to the Auto Renewal Option which I didn't remember - my fault, so then when I tried to cancel, my 30 day written notice sent to the address on the Membership Agreement came back - not deliverable. When I called my fitness center, both the owner and regular office person were gone and the person managing the center could not assist me with cancellation.

When I called the phone number listed on my credit card statement, they told me they don't handle membership cancellations. This all seems a bit deceptive, don't you think?


We have tried numerous times to cancel our contract. This is after we have fulfilled our year contract.

We originally sent our letter to APEX and then we were told that they no longer handle Anytime fitness accounts.

We wrote the new handler and they are giving us problems too. I think they give you such a hassle and meanwhile they continue to charge you.


Sorry Jim, it may be possible that Apex owns 24-hour fitness, but they also contract with Anytime Fitness. Each month on my bank statement I have a deduction from "Apex Mgmt" and my original contract explicitly states that I was in contract with Apex.


Apex owns 24 Hour Fitness, not Anytime Fitness. No wonder you are having problems.