Christchurch, Canterbury

I am 17 years of age and have always wanted a gym membership so i can get the body i've always wanted. My 18th birthday is in July and i was hoping to go to Australia for it with a new body.

However you must be 18 to work out at this gym. I think this is the most frustrating and pointless rule. I can not go to any other gym because of the hours i work.

This gym was the most convenient for me. I now have too waste/wait 5 months so i can be of age to run on a treadmill.

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We added our 16 year old children to our account (they had to be 16 to join), but I suspect your issue relates to signing a contract as a minor (as a previous commenter noted).


Thats strange because im 14 and go to Anytime Fitness


You are underage and cannot sign a liability waiver legally. These are typical business practices and when you are on your own you will understand.


So run outside.