My husband and I have been a member of Anytime Fitness (Martinsburg, WV) for over 2 years.In July, both debit cards in which we were paying expired and we were issued new ones.

Anytime Fitness was no longer able to debit the amount and we were no longer interested in being members. Well, we just assumed that for lack of payment, they would just cancel us. NO!! The thieves continued to charge us through letters drawn up by ABC Financial for not only monthly charges, but service charges and late fees!!

So, I contacted the location directly to cancel my membership, paid up and thought my hands were clean of them. Just found out today, that I still owe them an additional $78.00 because I did not give them 30 days notice of my cancellation!! The rep at the location failed to give me that little tid bit of information yesterday before we hung up. So, I contacted the corporate location.

Who so rudely informed me that if I read my contract, that it's all there. I am so angry with them!! Beware of this company!!!! They will take your money and not think twice.

I will never deal with them again and I warn anyone out there thinking of coming under contract with them. They are thieves!! Go somewhere else that has more to offer anyway! This gym is a joke.

They don't have enough equipment and then charge you like their an LA Fitness or Gold's Gym. HA!! So far from it.

I always felt like I was in a race to get there so that I could get the machine I wanted.Just don't join!!

Monetary Loss: $300.


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Denver, Colorado, United States #1137304

These auto renewal clauses are a rip off.the club owners never go over the agreement.

I should have read very bit of the agreement but they told me it was a 13 month term. We discussed that the term expired.

The membership was cancelled.I thought i was signing waivers for liability.

Temple, Texas, United States #727060

Yeah, I'm leaving too because I don't trust their billing services methods.No, its because ATF is caught.

And you have a contract to pay taxes.


This is to "Grow Up" comment person...seriously, I too have been taken advantage of with ABC Financial, which does reflect on Anytime... I really like the Manager of the Anytime I go to, and so, I will continue to go...however your "advice" to grow up..nice. Maybe you should take that anger of yours and go to the gym...burn it off, you made me laugh!


What a way to encourage new membership, person who keeps defending Anytime Fitness and other fitness gives: "Grow Up!" in all your posts defending Anytime Fitness comment pretty much proves you are the same person, over and over.

Anytime Fitness--and to be fair, a lot of other fitness centers--use ABC Financial to bill their customers. Trying to deal with ABC Financial is like trying to play pickup sticks with your butte cheeks: Next to impossible.

My advice to anyone who is considering a membership with any fitness center is to MAKE SURE "auto renewal" or "automatic renewal" is not checked/initialed/anywhere on the contract.

Many states have outlawed auto renewals on services such as fitness centers altogether.

Why? Because, despite what fitness center lobbyists say to defend the practice, auto renewals do NOT benefit the consumer. Instead, they practically guarantee an auto renewal of a membership that may not have been utilized in months.

If you *are* misled by the fitness center and wind up being obligated to an auto renewal anyway, BE SURE and send your notice of non-renewal by CERTIFIED MAIL to both the fitness center AND their billing agent (in my case, ABC Financial). Despite what they may say, or you may believe, about an email, phone call, fax, or regular-mail notice, they will pretend they never received such notice time and time again.

Remember: CERTIFIED MAIL for all non-renewal notifications.


Stop acting like a child and blaming others for your own mistakes.

$30 a month is a great rate and not to mention, there is no start up cost. sure, Gold's has $10 a month, but its also a $120 start up fee, and an 18 month contract.

Maybe you should just grow up and take responsibility for your actions, instead of putting down good companies.

You don't become the United States largest and nmost popular fitness center for not doing something right. Gea real!


In Australia i got the same problem, swapped credit card and a late fee...

but im complaining that it's illegal to not submit a warning that it's failed or late, and a failed transaction on the day is not late,

Also you have NOT agreed on a debit date on your contract :)

YEs people may say read your contacts, but a contract does not overcome the consumer policy (Law) by that country, we have rights as well.


How many of you delta bravos that are defending Anytime are franchisees I wonder.Bottom line is they are thiefs.

I was a member at LA Fitness and missed a payment once or twice due to a credit card # changing and never once was I charged any type of extra fees. I am in the process of trying to cancel my membership with this $hithole of a gym and just got dinged for an extra $45 or so for a late and declined fee according to ABC because I told BOA to stop paying after I made my last payment. Now what Im screwed I have to pay it if I dont they send it to a debt collector and they ding my credit report.

I could go on and on but dont have the time or effort.Anytime is ran by a bunch of thieving crooks and there gyms are dumps.


Did you read the contract after you signed it?Every gym has a membership form!

Shame on you for not reading things that you sign!

You are acting like a little child by your actions.You are an adult!


Thanks guys for the heads up about this company. I almost went by and signed up today but I thought I'd check them out first.

Also to the person insulting customers for trying to get out of their contract. You are a joke. Try working for a living instead of tricking people into a 2 year commitment you hope they won't use.

You call these people ***, naive may be a more appropriate term. The fact is every contract you've sold you had a very good understanding of what the customer would be required to do to fulfill his or her obligation but I would bet you did everything you could to smooth over those truths with misdirection and possibly all out lies.

Then when you guys start slam dancing their rectums you pull out the insults, like it's their fault you screwed them over.

Like I said you're a joke!

Enjoy this life because the next one may not be so great.


For all those who claim they "wern't told", when you signed up I'm sure you were given a copy of the contract you signed, which you most likely threw away or lost. If you took the time to read it, assuming you can read, you'd see that it was, infact, a CONTRACT which you promised to pay and are responsible for paying. Start acting like adults, take responsibility for your own actions and quit blaming everyone else for your own stupidity.

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