I reside in Prescott Valley, AZ. The AnyTime Fitness here opened in 2004. Shortly after opening, I became a member. Approx. Oct. of 2005, I quit my membership in anticpiation of moving to Oregon. I'm now back in AZ., and am considering joining again. I'm retired now and have read many of the issues involved with ATF. If I do join, I plan to pay in advance by cash. No credit card will be used. I have a pass for one week of free workouts.

Hopefully, by paying cash in advance, I won't have any billing issues to deal with. I am concerned about "upgrade / improvement fees" though. I feel once I join and have paid my fees, there should be no increase until my contract has expired and comes up for re-negotiation.

Bottom line, I don't want any hassle and/or problems. I won't put up with them!

I'd appreciate any comments, tips, and/or suggestions on what I have posted.


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#1Dano, you can't take anything on this site seriously. Look at all the ads.

This is a site purely to make money.

I doubt 90% of the reviews are even real, and if you look at the top of the page (atleast on mine), there is an ad promoting Anytime Fitness. Why would a company set up a site to bash Anytime (an other companies), and then have advertising for them.


Not sure why you feel the need to post this trivial information but.....many have paid more than the agreed amount for memberships, even when they have paid in advance. Don't be afraid to be nosy, a lot of these 24/7 fitness clubs will be closing or changing ownership this year and that could effect your membership status.

These clubs are desperate for revenue so just stay alert to anything abnormal. Good luck with that!

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