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Anytime Fitness is SO full of LIES. I would NOT recommend them to ANYONE!

EVEN if you do NOT sign the portion giving them consent to RENEW and thus charge you more for your membership - THEY WILL! And when you tell them you DID NOT sign the portion, their response is "well at the bottom you signed consent to all terms of service, so even if you didnt sign the portion about renewing, you agreed to the TOS". Whats the point in going through all of the signatures then?! I WOULD not say they are a decent company, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND GET CHEATED by getting a membership at ANY of their locations!

What a joke!!! I learned my lesson and will NEVER join their gym every again. They made it MY fault that THEY continued to CHEAT me out of my money for FOUR months saying it wasnt their fault they didnt catch it??? YES it is your FAULT, I did NOT SIGN CONSENT for you to continue to charge me!

What a load of lies!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $167.

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Well, I'm now a victom of Anytime Fitness. I have been trying to cancel my membership for 6 months.

Had to write a letter to the better business bureau. Don't quite understand why they would want to continue to charge a customer for services that are no longer used. I wrote a letter to the store, left voice messages and also went into the Gym and still to no avail.

If you are thinking of joining this Fitness club plan on never leaving or you will be disappointed. 12/12/12