Texas City, Texas
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My husband signed up first and then told me I should sign up so I did. We both signed contracts and didn't really think about the area of town that this gym is in.

We quickly realized that this is in a bad area of town AND the gym is poorly run. The Manager I spoke with even admitted that this was a poorly run gym, but that she was trying to turn it around. I called in January and told them that we don't go there any more because of the area and that we aren't happy with the way that the gym is run and I was assured that our contracts would end in June, well I called today and I was told that we would have to pay $294.81 for my husband to get out of his contract and $113.49 to get out of mine. We have both moved on the different gyms because we were assured we would be done with Anytime Fitness in June!!

The Manager just insisted that we continue to go to the gym and that she was cleaning things up, but she can't clean up the area or the people who lean against the glass when you are running on the treadmills.

It's not safe and we want out of these *** contracts. Everyone that we know that has gone there in the past has moved on to other places because this place SUCKS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Cancellation of Contract.

Anytime fitness Cons: People wandering around outside, People lingering by the door, Poor customer services, No classes offered.

  • Cheated In The Service
  • Bad Area Of Town
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Honestly it sucks but that's your fault. You signed a contract so they have no obligation to cancel.

You should have researched better before you signed. I don't work for or own any gym.

Just hate whiners who sign documents & then want to blame someone else. The only person to blame is yourself so take ownership.


Actually, it's not me whining. I called them and specifically asked when our contract ended and paid for it despite not going.

I called to make sure they wouldn't restart the contract and they changed their story.

Several people that we know have stopped going there because it isn't safe. You're entitled to your opinion, but I asked when it ended and they gave me incorrect information.