Kyle, Texas
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Signed up 4 years ago, my contract was up in 2012, I've been paying them since. In June I moved 4 hours from the original club I signed up in, so I called corporate to cancel, they told me I had to speak with the owner of my original club to cancel.

He tells me I have to come in , sign a form, so after arguing with him he tells me I can fax one into him & give a 30 day cancellation. I end up calling him 3 times to get this imaginary form sent to me, never get it. So I close my credit card, after paying them 2 additional months dues. I've talked to the idiots at ABC financial, and they're the dumbest group of people EVER.

It's like talking to a wall- they just keep repeating that you must give 30 days notice to cancel, and that I now owe them hundreds of $$ and after I pay that I can mail in the cancellation form (which I still haven't gotten).

Good luck attempting to contact a supervisor too- this is one of those companies where the supervisors don't speak with the customers! Anytime fitness sucks!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I don't owe them any more money!! .

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My friend was in the same boat, she joined and now has to pay for 2 yrs and now that her 2 yrs is up, shes been having a hars time just trying to cancel membership


I have been trying to get ahold of them for months about another issue no one will call me back nor is anyone ever at the center!