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I pre-paid for personal training that i was not able to use, due to some traumatic personal events. My trainer refuses to give me a refund. She claims that she must "protect" herself. Protect herself from what?? She didn't have to do a darn thing but gets to keep $500!!! Where's my protection as a consumer?

I have been trying to get copies of the "supposable" paperwork i signed letting me know there were no refunds, but the flakey trainer is taking her time getting it to me..claiming all kinds of wishy washy excuses. When i used the training services before she was constantly sick and cancelling on me without 24 hours notice, forgetting her scheduling books, forgetting to give me copies of my paperwork (which i never did get), and pretty much asking me the same questions over and over each session b/c she couldn't remember anything!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

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They are complete money hungry jerks. They are just jerks!

I'd never join. Machines are SO SO, and trainers are completely money focused, won't give you the up front terms .. just bad, bad, bad.

I hope karmawillgetyou lady gets refunded.. what a bunch of scammers they are!

BOOOOO to anytime fitness. You should be ashamed of yourselves, ya bunch of yahoos.


WOW! I just happened upon this as I was searching for the owner of Anytime fitness in Monroe WA.

We have canceled our membership many times over at the gym, with corporate and finally with our bank in the form of a STOP payment. We thought all was done, it has been 5 months after all and not a peep from them ahhhh finally. But NO!!

Last night my husband got a notification from his credit protection that he had a new account in collection, guess who? Left a message at the gym to have someone get back to us, and talked to corporate this morning with basically just a lot of "uh um well uh so are you disputing this?" How do we make it stop?!!!!


Traumatic events are a big opportunity for the ANYTIME people. Look what they did to the Ortley Beach Manager who has Multiple Sclerosis.

They sued him.

Whatever your traumatic event was , they saw an opportunity to prey on you. Thats what they do.


same thing happened in Michigan City..The trainers who were not certified at the time and were not CPR certified became managers at a cheaper price to save money for the owner is what i was told. And all they do is promote there own company from what everyone says to me!!! No to MIchigan City


sounds to me like you hired an independant trainer who ran their own business out of local gyms for a small price and was not an actual employee of ATF. This is becoming more and more rare across the country do to liablility issues. The majority of personal trainers you find at franchise are on the pay roll and are required to hold a certification.


Corporate is just as big of a joke as the franchise!! I called corporate to file a complaint and they just took my name and number said they would have the owner call me and I have never heard anything from Anytime Fitness.

I strongly encourage you to file a complaint with the BBB " and the federal trade comission "" Look at the BBB website and you will see all the complaints filed against Anytime Fitness for their billing practices. ABC Financial is their billing service and they are notorious for *** service too.