Chicago, Illinois
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There was never a contract signed because I found a gym closer to my work, I did give the center on 34 170.00, then called the next day and said i found one closer, they stated it would be no problem and the money would be directed to Oswego. It never was!!!

Then 7 months later the center on 34 used my routing number and checking account number and ran it through my bank as a draft!! That is ilegal!! I have been trying to get this

resolved for quite sometime, then I just gave up because it was clear that I was not getting my money back!!! Then it showed up on my credit report!!

I want my money back!!!! Then I REALLY want to press charges againest her.

Give me my money and we can call it even!! She stoled that money from me!!

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@MachoMAN, if he/she was to press charges, said gym would hire a better lawyer to counterattack the suit and rip her/him off even more! So much for justice these days :(


ANYONE SURPRISED? Here are the problems: Consistency, training, experience, staffing, cleanliness, policies, resigning, etc.

with these franchised 24 hour clubs. IT'S ALL ABOUT MAKING $$$. The owners of 24 hour club franchises got sucked into it and are learning the hard way about how challenging the fitness industry can be. As soon as they realize they cannot break even and will be subsidizing the business and see no end in sight, the real fun begins for members!

SOMEONE IS GOING TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE! Corporates are making BANK while franchisees are wiping out. Recession proof? RIGHT!

Profitable? RIGHT! Easy? RIGHT!

They may be trying to survive with an impossible business model. Hear that? It's the circling sound around the drain. Won't be long now for a lot of franchisees!

Go to Bluemaumau and look up "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" and read what is happening to the 24 hour clubs in regards to staffing, tanning and CPR/AED requirements.

I guarantee it will put a smile on your face! :grin


If they would have stole your money then why didnt you press charges against them. You are just so ridiculous.

I love the place and been a member there for years now.

NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER. No billing problems and I am always inform if there is an error.


Whoever you are, I know you are oswego owner trying to ruin Aurora location Name..GO and work hard to sign up people rather than hitting other business.


Your poor spelling and grammar skills ruin your credibility.