Austin, Texas

Not too be an *** but omg. I know I'm just a small fry.

I only own 1 club but you have got to be kidding me. The co-founders and all the top people including the head girl from abc are completly stuck up. They only care about the big gym owners. If you own a few, amen.

Other than that they could care less. What arrogant people. This is my first anytime conference but I will never go back. I feel like a complete outsider.

Regardless of what you've heard, do not believe it. I'm someone who invested everything I had into this thinking they cared!!! Honestly, they don't. Huge mistake thinking it was a company that cared.

Don't be fooled. They care about money and nothing else!!!!!

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I disagree with you completely unfortunately. I met the owners because I walked up to them and introduced MYSELF.

They have over 2,200 locations WORLDWIDE and over 2,000 PEOPLE showed up. You can't expect them to approach every individual in a 2 day period keeping in mind each person they speak to wants more than a 2 second conversation. They are great, loving people who only want the best for everyone. As far as feeling like an outsider, my guess is you didn't make much of an effort to approach anyone but rather expected the love to come to you.

I made TONS of new friends there but guess what... I approached nearly EVERY person I became friends with.

Life is what YOU make it.


I will disagree with you....will they call you up every day to make sure your doing your job? No their not your manager they are a corporation to make money just like why you bought a business.

However if you need anything its your responsibility to reach out to them and take matters into your own hand.

I promise you if you feel like you need help they have endless resources to get your club anywhere you want to take it.


Sounds like you got out of the conference what you put into it. If you really have a problem with the company, its management, or its practices, you might try discussing it with them instead of posting on a consumer rant website. I know it's fashionable to be a victim these days, but it's a better long-term strategy to take personal responsibility and avoid the drama.


Sorry to hear that you are so upset, It really does sound like you should take personal responsibility for yourself and your feelings. I'm sure it is hard when you feel left out especially considering you purchased a franchise......JUST SAYING TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Don't put it on others. :cry


I'm only a trainer and didn't even go to the conference, but the CEO's work out at our club and always pop into my office just to chat and say "Hi".

Did you make an effort, or were you just a wall flower?


I love Anytime Fitness, they changed my life! I couldn't have been more happy with the co-owners and everyone else at conference.

The effort they put in to make us all better was never unseen.

Anytime Fitness changes lives! I couldn't be happier with ANYTIME FITNESS.





:sigh It is really sad that you feel like this!! I had an awesome time at the conference...and I am a real small fry because I do not even own a club..I am a membership director and I will invest everything I have to own a club someday. Anytime fitness changed my life as a member...and now that I work there I will change others lives!!