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Owner Steve St.Peter of MIchigan City Indiana AF, has relieved the manager of his position and hired a trainer after the manager got the club operating, and within the first month attained 500 members..The owner does not care about the members only about the money! As a member, who will not renew, the former manager took time to make people feel comfortable, relaxed and safe..Dont join!

Steven St Peter, and AF made a big mistake.

If Steve St.Peter treats his employee's this way how do you think he will treat his customers! I encourage a boycott

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

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I called to talk with owners about me service we provide to fitness center. 2/11/15 @4;00 and recording said vm was full and good bye!seems like bad managment & ownership not making sure vm are not returned to members!

I'm not a member or live in IN.


The trainers there seem more interested in there own training company then managing!!!!! And the trainer Katie is very rude!!! Join another gym..


Cliff is not certified in CPR!!!He has never sent in his card i found out either has his wife. Cameras are not monitored unless something happens.

Tanning is not monitored because its not staffed 24 hrs!

Are they certified trainers? Not sure about that either.


Cliff, Thank you for the dissertation about yourself and your absolute loyalty to Anytime Fitness. I just have a few questions for you:

1. Is your club performing business illegally? (Tanning without an employee on duty is illegal in Michigan.)

2. Does someone from your club monitor the cameras 24/7 to keep your members safe?

3. How long have you been involved with Anytime Fitness?

4. Are you aware this is an unsustainable business model?

5. What are your concerns about this company or owner in regards to your long term opportunities?

Mr. Cliff Wilson, You provide answers to these questions and you will gain some credibility. Until then, you are just a puppet on a string until you move on like all the rest.


Hello, I am the current manager of the Anytime Fitness in Michigan City. One of my members recently told me that these comments were posted on this site.

To anyone that may ever read these comments, know that every single one was written by a disgruntled former employee. If you are still unsure please just stop in and have a look around. You will see that the club is very clean, there has not been one piece of broken equipment since we opened, and we are not out to squeeze money out of you every way we can. I post my name (Cliff Wilson) and the name of my training company (Team Wilson) because I have nothing to hide.

I am proud of what I do and the club I work at. This is also an extension of the owner who is very generous to members and employees and makes this a great place to be.

So please stop in and take a look around for yourself. Thank You


To all Law Enforcement, please boycott Anytime Fitness Michigan City, In!


Don't join Anytime Michigan City. Many hidden cost.

Membership, tanning, training, classes... When does it stop. At least other gyms don't charge for classes.

Good luck trying to cancel, it won't happen. The owner is phony!


After reading all the reviews, then stopping in, And speaking with a manager, I was not reassured about safety, or contract issues. Seemed like after reading reviews and speaking with members a little to much drama, and that the owner is not to be trusted, with to many non-members let it. My advice keep looking.


Not safe at night. Many non-members let in at night.

Who checks this?

Can't get a response from anyone. Not very safe no matter how many cameras!


So i ask the owner, whats being promoted TEAM WILSON or Anytime Fitness...hmmmm...Im not sure either.....


To all Law Enforcement

Please boycott Anytime Fitness Michigan City

Found out the owner was upset when the manager( retired officer) tried to take care of our own. Please pass this on ! Brother in Blue


To the owner, Cliff and Katie, get over it already! Its a round world, competition is on the way!


I knew the previous manager and thought he was very generous in giving away bags and shirts. Sounds like the owner cant get over it! Either can Cliff or Katie...Its a round world!!!


I have to admit that I do not know the current manager all that well, but I do see him helping people a lot throughout the day. The old manager was scary.

I asked him if he had any anytime fitness bags that I saw several members were carrying. He gave me a sharp NO! The girl in the office overheard me ask and said that they did have some left. I heard him tell her to just give to me a *** bag to shut me the *** up.

Several members also heard this. So compared to that I think the new management is a definite improvement.


Be careful working out at night in Michigan City, lots of non members being let in. Does anyone know who checks the cameras?

Then what? Please help


This is a common occurence at 24 hour clubs. Loyalty to employees and members is consistently absent.

The almighty dollar is the only thing that motivates these club owners, which is directly influenced by corporate's attitude. UNHAPPY with the "no staffing" policy of Anytime Fitness? Contact your city, county or state health or environmental departments to inquire about the laws for your area.

Most states require a tanning operator at all times tanning is being used, numerous states require AED/CPR certified staff at all times members have access and several states require staffing at all times under any circumstances.



Can the trainers be any more conceited!!! besides looking in the mirror at themselves, and posing, brining other non-member bodybuilders in, maybe i dont have to pay if i joined Team Wilson. Looks like back to the NAC!


As an active member i think mistakes were made by all parties, the owner, manager and trainers! It is no longer a place to feel good about going into.

The drama with the office girls personal life is also not needed! With that said, hire a new staff or please let another club come to town, because if it continues i will not renew, and many will follow


If the old manager was so rude why did they go back three times??? If somebody was that rude why go back three times???Sounds like the new management has to much time on there hands..The owner should clean house and start with a new manager


The manager must have been so rude that over 500 members signed up in about a month. His people skills must be so terrible that the owner told me what a great job he's was doing!!!

I guess the new managers, who put on there facebook page that they went to college, are now upset...ASK THEM BOTH IF THEY GRADUATED AND RECIEVED DEGREEES...Why did there previous buisness go bankrupt! JUICE ZONE! Do they even use the same last name legally????

To many questions about the new Managers i think!!! SIGNED ACTIVE MEMBER!!!!