Gardnerville, Nevada
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When asking how to cancel a month to month membership, the Gardnerville Anytime Fitness staff member tells me to write to ABC Financial and cancel. Really?

Turns out that you cannot cancel unless you fill out paperwork at the facility you signed up for, so our credit card is still being billed! Talk about incompetence. They don't know what their own policies are. The Carson City facility is definitely much better and more enjoyable.

They are friendly and courteous and as helpful as they can be. Stay away from Gardnerville Anytime Fitness and join in Carson City and you'll be happy you did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Facility.

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It seems like there is something missing here. Most clubs do have it as policy to contact ABC to cancel your membership.

Now it depends on what the cancellation reason is, but if you are outside your term, you must type a letter stating that you wish to cancel. There is no paperwork specific to a club.

Please don't blast a club because you just didn't like the outcome. They told you to contact ABC and they were correct in doing so.