Indianapolis, Indiana

At 8:05i ask your arrogant employee Kyle if he would turn the radio from the noise ( music I guess ) since I couldn't find other employee. I was told he was busy.

how long would it take to turn a radio? With people like this and their attitude; Who needs a member ship.

I left at 8:25 Everett Brown 1830 No.16th Street New Castle Indiana 47362 765-529-4148 There is a difference between rap or the screaming that was on today. I was offended my his attitude he was very rude, I'm not paying to be treated that way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Why is it that nobody can use correct English anymore. If you spoke like Ali G to me, I would personally escort you out of the club, after I almost passed out laughing at your ignorance.


Another thing, you don't need a gym to get a great and healthier body. I quit the gym I went to and I'm in better shape now.

I have my own gym equipment and have found better and different ways to workout. Why are you, get real people, on here telling other people not to complain? Aren't you doing the same? If you want to open a gym, good for you.

Go right ahead. Good luck to you. If we want to complain, we will,thank you.

Why are you wasting your time reading this stuff if you have such a great and awesome life? Shouldn't you be doing something better than spending time on here like us losers?


Get real people, learn to spell correctly please. I totally agree with show disrespect.

Anytime Fitness has a very bad reputation. I wouldn't go to one if it were free.


I'm not a member of Anytime but considering owning one. I have been in the Fitness Industry for over 12 yrs.

All of these complaints are all very similar. The fact of the matter is, regardless what club one goes to, someone is not going to be happy about something. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. So if anybody is expecting a Fitness Center of any kind to be perfect, then I hate to be the bear of dad news, very hard to come by.

I hate to see success full company get bashed because of the people operating them. The model is great and makes sense. But unfortunately the people running them give them the bad name. Put those people in any club and you will the same service.

The best owners of these clubs are people that understand how to treat people. Unfortunately in this industry there are some egotistical ***. So don't judge all clubs because your personal experience with one owner,trainer or manager. If you haven't noticed most of these managers and trainers are young.

There still trying to figure out who they are. After all, your there to worry about yourself and release stress not create more. As far as some of these clubs closing down, that's just because the so called owner thought they could run a gym without doing anything. Is that Anyimes fault?

or the owners fault? The owners. So with that said, it is unfortunate that some of you have had a bad experience, this does not mean all 1,500 plus clubs are bad. I bet when some of you join another gym you will have something happen that you're not happy with.

Being in the business for 12+yrs that's just the way it is. That is why there are so many different types of Fitness Centers, Gyms, and Country Clubs. To meet ones needs. Bottom line, STOP YOUR complaining and start focusing on yourself and what you need to do to loose the weight and be healthier.

If you don't you're never going to be happy about anything. Good luck to you all.

While your crying other people are getting results. :cry


"Dysfunctional" would be a compliment for this franchiser.