Fellow fitness people beware of this gym! Had a day trial and was bombarded by some guy who invaded my personal space to get me to buy a $3,000 training package.

Mind you the gym is $40 bucks a month on top of some key that is $60 to enroll. I wasn't even a member yet!!! I've posted my review on other sites to caution women as I've heard he was harassing them for personal training! I also found the women who wouldn't stop contacting me write a fake review of the kissimmee,fl gym on google, Ella Johnson.

They are definitely hiding something! Will absolutely NOT give this gym my business even with there only being TWO small gyms in town!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Training.

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He threatens everyone like this. No fear here.

Disclose your legal name so we can report you. Your own employees already told the truth about you.

Don't hire this fool. Jos own employees even said he steals


I worked for him. I know the truth and if I doknt hear from him soon, everyone will know it too.


You're right! Run! Ex employee...yes he steals!


I know the law. I have been sued successfully enough times to know a few terms. Since I posted my number, will someone call the IRS and tell them where I am because they are looking for their money


I know an owner who will say otherwise. You got the boot.

Didn't you threaten physical harm to one of your trainers when he asked for pay? Sounds similar to what you posted here.

The jig is up. Take your scams elsewhere

@Benjamin A

I bet you that Anytime Fitness has nothing nice to say. You ran off with his money.

You are such a fake! Ask God to change your heart.

You run everyone away. There are ppl who trusted you.


When I confronted this clown about his shady dealings he tried to pull the same mess on me. He likes to use his legal terms to scare people into being quiet.

He HAS been kicked out of gyms. He opened gyms in Atlanta, locked the doors on people who were members, them continued to hill their credit cards. He threatens people with legal action in order to scare them and keep them from defending themselves. Whoever is posting this blah blah (slander, defamation, yards yada) bs is either him, or another one of his homeless ministry puppets.

He owes the IRS over $100k, and he's been sued several additional times. He manipulates gym owners into hiring him, then he steals credit card information and won't make good on services. He doesn't disclose all fees in his contract. You sign up at $50 a month, then suddenly see additional session charges that you were never made aware of.

That is FRAUD!

Don't be intimidated by this bozo. He can not, and will not do anything but run his big fat mouth.


I agree. You're right!

I know firsthand and I'm about to start talking too. He is a scam!


This is true. These people are scammers!

He was run out of Atlanta and has a plethora of judgements against him. He pretends to have multiple businesses, but he is really a broke scammer who uses the "ministry" he runs to prey on individuals who are down and out. He hires them, they all reside in the same house (although they will claim they don't know one another), then he refuses to pay them. His "staff" is fine with him ripping off customers, it is only when he screws them over that they're willing to spill the beans.

Ella is an unemployed single mother to all of her 3,000 children. She is a willing accomplice.


She does not have 3000 children. How ignorant do you sound?

But, she knows he's a scam as well. You're right. He is a scam and he has hurt so many people.

He even hurts the ppl who support him. But, the gig is up!


I agree with these comments! Benjamin apollos is a joke!!!!

A scam!!! I worked for him as a trainer and he didn't pay me which he still owes me over 1000$..thank god the gym owner of apollos locations kicked his butt out!!!

He also changes names continually. He is a *** to this society.


I was just informed of this post and don't normally respond to these type of things (lies). However, the day of allowing people to slander one's name is over and I'm certain that these people, this so called "trainer" whoever they are and this "client" whoever they are, are very much aware of slander, tort, libel and malice laws where lying on someone especially if it can hurt their credibility is against the law.

These are lies and I invite whoever this "trainer" is and this "client" is to call me personally to settle whatever their issue is. They are obviously cowards and I would love to be able to put the "issue" on the table. If there is an issue, which there isn't I WILL PERSONALLY FIX IT! For the record, I have never been kicked out of a gym or any business.

Even the owners will attest to that. If I pull out of a business its on my own and for my own reasons. Although no business has 100% satisfaction, I work very hard to make my customers and employees happy. I didn't build two million dollar businesses from scratch mistreating people and won't start now.

Reveal yourself, both of you. I am. If you want to resolve your "issue" call me directly, not disguising yourself and leave a message if I can't pick up and I assure you that I will return your call. BALL'S IN YOUR COURT, SO SHOW YOU HAVE "BALLS" Now!

My name is Benjamin Apollos!

My response is not releasing this site (pissedoffconsumer.com) from responsibility of creating this platform for irresponsible people to rant from their uncontrolled emotions. Stating that a person is responsible for what they post is irresponsible, especially if they don't demand the person reveal who they are and prove that they are who they say they are right here on this site! They should know the law as well.

Stay tuned as my attorney will deal with this the right way.

Benjamin Apollos

(407) 505 - 3289


Can people who worked for you call for you to settle payment with them? There are so many of us after you to make you pay.

You should be ashamed of yourself and u call urself a chaplain. We are all getting together to come after you. We're working on that assistant. I bet she knows everything.

I hear that you fired that poor lady. Last time she wouldn't say nothing but I think she will now.


First, Mr.Apollos is not a pastor and does not have locations in Noryh Carolina. Be careful also of libel, slander and tort in trying to ruin a person's reputation.

Personal Training contracts are CONTRACTS! When you sign a contract it's binding whether you use the services or not.

You'd better hope you don't get sued for lying. You may want to research your states laws on TORT, LIBEL AND SLANDER!


Why won't he honor his contracts? You talk about contracts?

Take several seats. Tell him to honor his first, like the one he had with Anytime Fitness. You're trying to defend a con artist. Stop talking!

Your man is a thief sweetheart. He cheats the government and bullies everyone! But, guess what? Get ready to visit him in prison.

I hear some big time lawyer coming after him. It's about time. Some ppl I hear have proof...like about the 2 kids he just got in the DR on you.

What kind of woman tells her man to sleep with other women because she can't give it to him good enough? Watch a movie to learn how.


I'm a mentor for personal trainers and selling personal training is what we do. Hence, this person is first misinformed and ignorant of how personal training sales works, so I'll give them that.

Chances are this person didn't have the money for the Pat services and got angry when they realized how much personal training cost. When you read the "complaint" observe that they aren't speaking about a specific issue.

They're all over the place. With that said, Get over yourself, whoever you are!



I used to work with Ben Apollos. It's true.

He is a scam and is very unprofessional. He uses his employees until he needs them no more. He doesn't pay his people. Hewill charge you even if you ain't training and if he do, call the police.

It's credit card fraud. My friend did it and they helping her. One lady I know suing him. That lady Ella that used to work for him is nice.

She don't work for him no more.

What's sad is that he also a pastor. So, run!


I know Ella. She's very upset with him.

He treated her as a Sub Contractor to keep from paying taxes on her. That lady left her job to work for him.

He screwed her over big time. She might be ready to talk now.


They are most definitely scammers! They will bill you even if you're not being trained.

They can not keep trainers because they won't pay them.

They lie when you sign the contract, and once they get your credit card information they start tacking on all kinds of fees.

Run while you can


This is obviously a location situation, and not a direct reflection on the company as a whole. Please keep that in mind when seeing or visiting other Anytime Fitness locations in the future.