West Hartford, Connecticut

Joined a couple of months ago. Gym was OK provided you avoided the busy times.

However, serious management issues placed me right into a modern age nightmare. Started with a change to my credit card number - forgot that they were on auto pay. Went there right away as soon as I was alerted and gave them the new CC info. A week later, got another email this time threatening to send it to collections if it's not paid.

Also get a phone message from some sketchy sounding finance company telling me to call an 800 number and give them a bunch of personal information, including my CC #. Now I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into. I go back the next day and pay off the entire 1 year contract in a lump sum to avoid credit issues (they won't let me out of the contract unless I move). Two days later I get another email, this time saying not only that I still owe money, but they are tacking on a late fee.

I go in to find out if I can talk to the owner or another manager, but they will not provide contact information for anyone at another level. I can only deal with the people in the gym who have already not been taking care of the problem. When pressed they say they will forward my complaint to the owner, but when asked if that person will get back to me, they say they can't commit to that happening - he's real busy and owns a bunch of other franchise locations. So I go to the Anytime Fitness website to see if there is a corporate level person to talk to, and there isn't.

When you try to find a contact, there is only a way to email the site or call individual locations. They do give you the number of this finance company, though, so against better judgement, I call them and all I can do is confirm that they have gotten no information from the gym. I still have no confirmation that information has been forwarded to the finance company. Kafka would be proud.

The lack of accountability at all levels of Anytime Fitness makes it a dangerous place for helpless credit card numbers. If this ever does get resolved, it will probably be best to just take the $400 loss and go to a gym with local roots.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Anytime fitness Pros: Convience of location, Hours.

Anytime fitness Cons: Not being able to cancel, No help on the phone, Bad manager, Response from staff worker, Poor customer service.

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