Boerne, Texas
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Antime fitness does not tell about their outragous service fee, you cannot cancel anytime you want, they should be called "anytime we can rip you off". We complained because they were overcharging us and the guy said he would refund our money, which of course never happened.

If you want to throw your money away then this is the place for you, if you like being charged extra for something come on in "anytime we can rip you off fitness" wants you.

Come on in, there are things we are not going to tell you, lies from the voice of are people, but some pretty good gym equipment, isn't that all the matters, not the money, the equipment, you can always make more money. Advice is p90x, stay home, it is better.

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I am trying to cancel my membership. My physician wrote a note for me and I took copies and mailed to ABC finacial.

Of course they do not deal with cancelation so they mailed the note to the facility in Avon Park Florida. I spoke with the girl there and she has more forms for my pysican to fill out. Intrusive! HIPPA is a law.

Whatever my medical condition is, is between my doctor and myself.

I did not join under court or physican order!!!! I will have to change my bank account, I already have *** credit!!!


Yep agreed! I have a gym membership with them unfortunately and they put charges on my account and will not explain why/give some excuse nor send a statement in the mail saying I will be charged x amount :x and for what reason.

Then they did it again when I was supposed to owe them 34 for july and 34 for august, now they say I owe $107. They can forget it because I'm never going back because of this and they are not getting another penny from me after trying to rip me off! I don't care if my credit gets worse I'm not putting up with this!

I'm the consumer and I have the right to not pay someone when I feel they are trying to rip me off! :(