West Saint Paul, Minnesota
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My name is Johannes and I used to be a member of west Saint Paul mn.i have a really bad experience with that branch and am sending you this email and will also forward it to all my friends and family on Facebook and tweeter also to YouTube.

The reason to write this is in sep 2013 I canceled my membership and flew out of the country.now am back just for few day I received a letter from the collection that I owe $680 to pay it or sign a new contract with anytimefitness and pay only $50.u can't force me to be a member again and I don't leave here in America anymore.

I did called the west Saint Paul branch and talked to the manager she was so rude and she told me that she didn't care what she wants is for me to pay $680. And how can I pay if I didn't used the gym also she lost the paper work that's not my problem.shr can't force anyone to use the gym if they don't want to and in my case I send her emails when I was abroad also I called her to make sure my membership that was to be canceled.

Big surprise I am back in America for a few days and find out that she didn't cancel my membership this is a reap off.

Johannes Aidarus



Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $680.

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Thanks for the heads up but I had the same exact terrible and rude experience with a very nasty and rude manager in georgia