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A new Anytime Fitness opened close to my home so I decided to look into it since I liked the idea of the smaller more private gym, that you can access at any time of day. I was intitially told it is a 30$ fee per person per month, a little pricey but seemed worth it at that point.

I then asked if there was any activation fee, the manager proceeded to tell me no there was not but there was a charge for the Security Key and it was $45!!!!!! I work in access control and those fobs sell for under $3! When I asked what was the reasoning behind the extreme hike in pricing the manager basically told me it is to cover his advertisement and marketing fee's and his trainer!

So basically they start off the contract with hidden fee's that are ridiculous. Unless you are willing to pay 45$ for a 34 product avoid this place at all costs!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

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Start the contract with hidden fees? Didn't he openly admit the fact that you had to pay for the key? Doesn't sound very 'hidden' to me.


Stay at home and do sit-ups if you cheap mongrels don't like the price. :cry


That is the same as I heard here in Milwaukee, WI. Initial key charge for help them pay for security. Since they are individual franchises, checked at a few more around town and found differences in both monthly fee and key charge.


You guys are all cheap losers.


Interesting; wrote it perfect. Still alot cheaper then the big gyms. It amazes me how many people spend $20 a day on fast food, but complain about small one time fees at a gym!!


A box of keyfobs is $500. There are a 100 keyfobs per box, therefore each keyfob is $5.00.

Anytime isn't charging the key card fee just for the keycard. It's the check in software that they use by Provision. That check in software, the security system (not just for burglary, btw.

There are other means to the software) is a lot more then $550 a month. Honestly, go to an anytime fitness, have the owner show you their bills and you'll be scratching your head going...'oh.' Just sayin.


Actually the security you are talking about is the burglar system which os usually a monthly fee no more than 5$50 at most the cost of the key fobs are indeed about $3exercising and the access control system has no monthly fees you just purchase the equipment up front and I have done access control and burglar systems for four years so I can back up the ops claim to the redicolous overcharge for the key fobs but if you want to be ignorant and say those of us who have worked in that field don't k ow what we are talking about then cool story bro


Interesting, FYI, I got to a gym that is open 24 hours, it is owned by a gentleman who owns a similar gym in the ajacent city. It is by no means a 24 hour fitness but it is rather big, well kept, and IMO the best gym I nhave been to.

I pay $27 a month with no contract or startup fee..

that price included my key ect. So how about you stop talking about something YOU hardly know anything about.


First of all.....if you pay $39.00 a month to go to a gym and used that gym 3 times a week as perscribed by a doctor, you'd only be spending $3.50 everytime you walk through that threshold. That's probably a lot less then what you spend everytime you go to McDonalds or Starbucks.

Second of all, those keys are $5 a piece, a whole box costs the company that uses provision security $500. AND provision also charges every company for their services a monthly fee as well. Do you think Anytime Fitness was ripping you off or trying to pay their bills?

Do you have any idea how much a monthly electricity bill is for ANY business that's operating for 24 hours? Stop your whininig about something you hardly know about and get on a treadmill and burn off that starbucks.