Mackay, Queensland
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He said his name is David, and he is the manager in parramatta anytime fitness, so I can't complain him. When I walked inside parramatta anytime fitness to try to join in member as some of my friends joined in, he shouted to me " what are u doing ?

You can't go in!". I explained to him I planned to join in member then he shouted" you come talk to me first!". I said " there's only 1.5 metres from the door to exercise area and I stopped at the entrance waited for someone could talk to me. And when I went to other gyms they normally approached me nicely and asked me ' how can I help you?', but not ' what r u doing here?' Then he got very angry n kept shouting " you come to me first!".

I felt he is not mentally really normal then I said " do u have a manager ? I want to complain really." Then he said " I'm the manager. Go complain!". I'm not a member yet, and I will never be a member of anytime fitness even it is the last gym in the whole world.

i told my friends about what I had experienced, the ones haven't joined in member will not join in , and the ones already member stated that they wanted to cancel but the staff were rude n gave hard time to them.

If I knew they r like this horrible , I wouldn't even going in today. The staff in parramatta anytime fitness may need physiology counselling--- just my personal suggestion as my mum is a doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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