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My name is Benjamin Apollos and I do not and have never worked for Anytime a Fitness. I am self employed!

I ran across these anonymous complaints today as I googled my name. We have some problems here.

The data in this link is a lie and I demand that you remove all negative comments about me removed.

1. This website ( will be facing serious lawsuits very soon as my attorneys will be contacts them to remove any and all negative comments about me or my business practices.

2. Mistake #1, allowing false claims on anyone without proof is unethical and immoral.

3. Mistake #2 I'm not an employee for anytime fitness and never have been an employee.

4. Mistake #3, Tort, Libel, Slander and any false claim about an individual or organization without proof is against the law in every state in the United States.

5. Mistake # 4, Providing a platform for tort, libel or slander is against the law.

Remove my name and any association with these complaints immediately. Also, remove any link or connection from google, bing or ask.comyour website, etc. that's leads one to this unfounded complaint.

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Mistake #1: This is a website of collected reviews from consumers. You would have to prove that an employee specifically allowed posting of a claim they knew to be illegitimate, and was in fact, purposefully maliciously slandering you.

Mistake #2: The reviewer never specified employment or relationship of the aggressor to said gym.

Mistake #3: The website is not making any claims, it is the individual reviewer, so why did you even bring this up?

Random common knowledge lesson?

Mistake #4: No, it's really, really not. Have you NEVER been on the internet before, EVER?

That only applies to sites that want you to post naked pictures of your ex, or other sites specifically intended for slander. Not review sites.

Mistake #5: You're an over-entitled *** with a misguided perspective and little to no knowledge of actual law.