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Port Coquitlam, BC Anytime Fitness owner Nick is absolutely unprofessional. My partner and I had made use of the washroom facilities separately, unaware that he would take issue and proceed to bully me based on frequency of use. There are no guidelines or ruled stated in the contract of how many times you may fob in a day nor did he speak to us directly regarding such unspoken policies. We had visited many different locations in different provinces and have never had a problem. His staff harassed me when I walked to the washroom in flip flops and repeatedly knocked three times with demands that I come out, repeatedly telling me no flip flops even after I acknowledged them the first time before entering. Alas, in her third visit to me in the washroom within a span of thirty seconds, she stated if I am wearing flip flips, then I am no working out, and if I am not working out, then the owners have asked me to leave. All this harassment of repeated knocking within the five minutes I was in the washroom is completely uncalled for. I have never felt so humiliated and targeted. We left as I was very upset and distraught, shocked over such behavior and returns to the gym with my partner to work out. The owner was there, he doesn't acknowledge members nor sign up or welcome new ones. Closer to the end of the workout he demanded that my partner take a new photo, which was surprising as all photos transfer. After my partner completed the photo, we fobbed into another Anytime Fitness run by nicer staff, Pitt Meadows as I felt extremely uncomfortable using Port Coquitlam's bathroom.

Later that night when we tried to have my partner fob into Pitt Meadows, it denied him access. We assumed it was a glitch and thought, there is no way Port Coquitlam would behave so poorly by locking out my partner Saturday night so that he would not have access over the weekend to do his workout. Sure enough on Monday, Port Coquitlam staff confirmed they locked out his fob without notice. Furthermore, they reasoned it was because they weren't sure who he was letting in (even though security cameras would show such had not occurred) because my partner was fobbing in multiple times through out the day. They unlocked his fob and when we reported this to head office they stated that this gym claims I'm conducting business in the washroom (with no evidence and extremely insulting to accuse one of prostitution when they clearly have cameras to prove I'm alone).

The worst part is when you speak to head office, its apparent that gym owners can decide how stringent or lax they want to be (see client who was at Port Coquitlam gym with his kids and flip flops using washroom and not a word was said to him). To release my partners home gym to a saner location, we were able to do a relocation transfer as undoubtedly this ridiculous owner would not release us from his terrible behavior. Not one word was said to us, completely cowardly and juvenile behavior to target and lock out my partner's fob as my home gym was with a different location and they couldn't mess with my fob. We are discouraged that head office does not have means to address poor franchise owner behavior and that when asked about how to cancel, it is up to each location what they want to do. We are furious that one location who also owns the Coquitlam location can behave so poorly without consequence, he didn't even call back when asked to do so for release.

We are hopeful that other locations will continue to be friendly and welcoming. My many years of membership obviously don't mean anything though and my record is tainted because of the seemingly racist ignorance of one man (its not my fault he is two doors down from a massage parlor and that I'm Asian. His claim that his gym has had problems before. Try treating people as individuals with respect instead of sexist stereotypes).

Hopefully we won't have to cancel as we were quite turned off by BC and have left for greener pastures. I'm scared to be harassed again and definitely want to go to a place where I am welcomed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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