Chandigarh, Punjab Province
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Hi, This is Ankur - A registered member at Anytime Fitness, Chandigarh India. Though the hopes for Justice are fading day by day, but still I want to share my and 1500 member's bad experience at Anytime fitness, chandigarh.

The same scenario is at all the Anytime fitness centers in India.

The Gym was closed for annual maintenance for 10 days but the gym has not opened since a month and also news are popping out on national television regarding the cheating with the members. This is very strange to imagine with a US Brand - ANYTIME FITNESS, The management is not coming up with any solution . The member's who have paid a lot from their pocket are being cheated.

The trainer's imparting training are not being paid since 4 months by the management. In my opinion the Gym should be manged by the management and not by distributing franchise.

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it s 7th July today and the gym is still Hope left.


Anytime fitness is reopening at chandigarh before 7th july 2011.

Hope that everything goes right. :(


i have paid the membership fee in the month of january at anytime fitness amritsar still the gym has not opened yet....i am really pissed off...what to do


Guys its a horrible experience; complete mis-management. the authorities should have known that its not easy managing a fitness center. It seems their finances are in complete disarray. In the recent few months, no receipts were provided either against payments. I paid some 8.5K for the classic membership, which had an edge over other schemes.,viz You could come over 24/7. but it was never used by me.

I am a member at Nagpur center, and don't think that it will stay open for long. The change rooms are not even cleaned as the House Keeping did not get salaries. Even the trainers left after they were not paid for 2 months in a stretch.

I think Gold's Gym has come over at a great time. Its gonna start its operations from the first week of July. So I am off to Gold's. Anytime Sucks.


Hey! Exactly its not even a month and even in Nagpur its shut off!

Even here they collected as high as 8500 INR from almost 1200+ ppl, and suddenly they closed down from 15th.

I think its Indian counterpart is fraud,because this US based fitness center has presence in almost all Countries and Even Actor Suneel Shetty is one of the Director inn India (as seen on their website) infact he is the one who inaugrated both Pune and Nagpur Gym, Even i had paid them 8490 but guess this fraud in Nagpur is of Over 1 Cr. Lets see what Police can do as some ppl have already loged a police complaint against them.


And I can't get out of my contract with anytime fitness. anyone want to buy it out?

I've never been a member at a gym where I couldn't drop the contract if I felt it wan't what I needed. Arggg!



All gyms cannot be closed for maintainence at the same time.

In Pune they stared by saying that the gym will be closed for half an hr due to electrical fault. Till date it remains closed.This happened on 28th April