Joined a 7 day trial

loved it.

a new sales man was there and called me on my cell phone while i was in the gym.

he could have just came up to me and approach me.

the next few days i kept getting phone calls from the sales managers.

i found it kinda strange.there wasnt a need for them to keep calling me after i spoke to them the first day i did my trial.

7 day trial ended. I than asked the new manager that i want to try the $30 1 month trial so i did.

loved it worked in my own pace.but i found that indoors to be very stuffy and no fresh air like running outdoors.

once the 30 day trial was over i went back and handed the access key which cost $69 i got a refund to.

7 days later i get a call asking if im interested in signing up.

i already told the manager that im not financially well at the moment thats why i didnt sign up.

lol it doesnt take 7 days to get a job. Lol

pushy as sales managers. They are only friendly for the money be aware.

later i kept getting texts etc.

lesson learned

outdoors are free of charge.

much healthier and fresh

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Free Trial.

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