Bellevue, Washington

I signed up with this gym in November of 2009 and had to quit in Janruary, due to me finding work. I am currently a full time worker, parent and student and do not have time for the gym, I would have to sacrifice sleep just to go. I called before my next months bill started and it took me over a week and a half to get ahold of them, only to hear the mgr. tell me, he was sorry and laughed, then said it's nto a good enough reason to cancel.

ABC Financial has been trying to contact me about paying for the bill for months now and their reps. are a bunch of rude *** who don't care what you say, but will sit there and argue with you and tell you how *** you were for not reading the contract.


The mgr. mentioned nothing about this cancellation process and did it on purpose so he could get paid. They're a spiteful and tricky company that trick you into thinking your getting a good deal but not really.

Companys should not be aloud to do this to you, regardless if it says it in the contract, all information should be upfront and stated as well as in the contract.

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Anytime Fitness corporate is on "damage patrol" trolling the complaint sites to try and salvage their tarnished image of offering an illegal and unsustainable business model. Franchisees are at a boiling point and looking for ways to bail out.

Members are being penalized daily for all the issues within the company. ADVICE: DO NOT PAY IN ADVANCE FOR MEMBERSHIPS


I followed the procedure very carefully to cancel my membership. I had been a member for two years and only had a three month contract; therefore, I was not under contract at the time I canceled. I gave them over a months written notice plus signed a cancellation contract as soon as I could find the owner in the office (which wasn't easy). Money was still taken out of my account after the tedious procedures were complete.

I do not blame the Anytime Fitness franchise as much as I blame those who are running the Shelley, Idaho branch. The staff there is not engaged in making the club a reputable business. I have noticed that other Anytime Fitness Clubs owned by someone different is doing a much better job taking care of their club and making their clients happy.

I feel bad that the club is getting a bad name because some of the franchise owners do not have good business sense and are not taking care of their clubs.



Another person who is unable to read. The person you are bashing did not say they worked with Anytime Fitness, they said they worked out there. Learn to read and make sense of what you read.


Al's head is in the Sand.

No Al's head is not in the sand. It is the OP's head which is in the sand. Why even a four year old knows not to sign a contract without reading it. You are the one that has ignorance not AL.

scam, i just love it when disgrunted employees write about their company negativtly. Probably got fired or something.


Since you don't know how to read why did you not get your children to read the cotract to you? You say you are a student.

From your lack of understanding are you a student in grammar school. Who did you have to sleep with to get your current job? The reason the manager did not mention anything about cancelation is becausee he expects an adult like you to know how to read. They are not spiteful and tricky company.

It is you who chose not to read the contract, or have someone read to you since you most likely cannot read.

Most adults know that before signing something they read it. Your own fault.


Reply to "haha I guess you should learn" below: Anytime Fitness corporate is on constant "damage patrol" trolling the complaint sites to try and salvage their tarnished image of offering an unsustainable business model. Franchisees are at a boiling point and looking for ways to bail out of the abyss.

Members are being penalized daily for the inconsistencies within the company.

The post below is an example of insensitive "corporate posting".

Anytime Fitness and ABC Financial are all about the money $$$. END OF STORY!


HAHAHA Nobody made you FAT... you made urself FAT, nobody will help you either, fix your own problems!!!

I am happily paying a dollar a day to workout anytime I want... maybe if you stopped eating $10 of ice cream a day you wouldn't be so unhappy.


I was made well aware of my 18month contract (which of course was at a lower rate then month to month) when I signed. The staff and managers have been nothing but wonderful and helpful. Also, the equipment is stellar and it's open 24/7 in locations all over the country.

In summary, maybe you should bring mommy and daddy along next time to explain what your signing


Anytime Fitness corporate is on "damage patrol" trolling the complaint sites to try and salvage their tarnished image of offering an illegal and unsustainable business model. Franchisees are at a boiling point and looking for ways to bail out of this abyss.

Members are being penalized daily for all the issues within the company. ADVICE: DO NOT PAY IN FOR ADVANCE MEMBERSHIPS...These clubs are shutting down all over the country!


They bleeped out the words s t u p i d and j e r k and i wasn't referring to anyone. weird.


Here's what i think. "MO" is an owner.

And he is right(i just read read my contract.) Anytime fitness definitely seems to make it relatively easy to cancel your membership. Seems like every complaint stems from this one issue. (BUT HE DEFINITELY SHOULDN'T BE SUCH A PUSHY *** IN THE WAY HE COMMUNICATES WITH PEOPLE)Is this the way you talk to your members? As if they are beneath you and ***?

I would quit my gym in a heartbeat if i spoken to in such a manner.

Thank god my Anytime Fitness staff here in Va Beach are a pleasure to be around. Hope you don't relocate here "Mo."


Yes, Anytime is the right time to bend over! All owners of Anyime Fitness franchises attended and "graduated" from Anytime University and may have been directly trained by Chuck Runyon.

Several Anytime Fitness franchisees have left members high and dry as well as not honoring the franchise policies. They got screwed and they are just "paying it forward". Chuckie has taught them well...


The owners of 24 hour club franchises got sucked into it and are learning the hard way about how weak the Anytime Fitness business model is and how much corporate support they will not receive. As soon as they realize they cannot break even and will be subsidizing the business and see no end in sight, the real fun begins for the members! Corporates are making BANK while franchisees are wiping out. Recession proof?

RIGHT! Profitable? RIGHT! Easy?

RIGHT! Hear that? It's the circling sound around the drain.

Won't be long now for a lot of these 24 hour fitness club franchisees!

To learn more about Anytime Fitness and their business practices, go to "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" at BlueMauMau.


yes, I don't understand how people can complain when it's their fault. I am sure the mgmt explained you were signing up for an agreement and you are responsible for your obligations. if time is an issue, then Anytime Fitness is actually a perfect club as they're open ANYTIME!!!!!!


Dear Mr. 1 Location below, No one is "besmirching" the Anytime Fitness name, they are SLAMMING the consistently *** service, inaccurate billing, unprofessional staff and weak business model.

Read all of the posts on pissedconsumer aobut Anytime Fitness and you will be educated.

When you are finished here, check out "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" on bluemaumau. Don't you corporates have your own blog to post your "kumbaya" garbage on?


It should be noted that there are many different franchise owners of Anytime Fitness franchise locations, each with the autonomy to dictate their prices & policies. I do feel that the pertinent details of the contract should be discussed and understood by the customer prior to them signing it. But its not right to besmirch the entire Anytime Fitness name because of one owner's poor customer service practices.


I was told as a manager not to explain cancellations! Boycott Anytime Fitness


Hey Al, This has been going on in the fitness industry for years. Part-time, untrained sales staff do not inform new members of all of the nuances of the agreement, take advantage of them and embellish or make up *** along the way to make their freakin commission.

Your ignorance is impressive. Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness both use a third party billing company to try and insulate them from the negative publicity. They consistently use this to their advantage to extract additional fees, dues and revenue from unsuspecting members. This was obvious while I was involved and one of the reasons why I am no longer.

Between employee errors, lack of management oversight, corporate issues and the billing company involvement, it is almost guaranteed you will pay more than what you agreed to. BE PREPARED FOR THE MASS CLOSINGS OF BOTH FRANCHISES IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

Besides a weak business model and *** customer service most 24/7 clubs throughout the country are performing business contrary to the current state, county and city laws and regulations. BUYER BEWARE!


So what you're saying is that if you sign a contract but didn't read it, it's not your fault that someone is trying to hold you responsible for your obligations as stated in the contract.

Interesting - :upset