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At Baypines facility, florida near st. Pete, florida

I ask the manager to please correct the clocks in the gym, this went on for 3 weeks, nothing, ask again, even offered to bring in battery's again nothing, 3rd time he said I will do it, returned to the guy several days later and another member had taken them down and put a note, please fix the clocks, this went on for over 3 weeks, ask for the district manger and was told he was the district manger, as a tech and she said I will contact the owner, 10 days later nothing, I would like to talk to the owner and explan how rude this guy is and file a formal complaint as a customer, The guy has my contact info and would appreciate a call from the owner of this guy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Replace the manager with some one that cares about the customers. He is the worst in 3 years of going there. .

Anytime fitness Cons: Rude guy manager.

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still have not heard from anybody any the comny

manger who needs to go this week decided to park

in the customer's marking area, customer service?

he continues to be a problem, staff are affrad to

saything in fear of their job " from staff member:

When is the company going to respond and support their cu stomers instead of this *** who insults customers, He is the worst they have had and in 2 years they have had at least 6 different ones.