Yucaipa, California

Please do not be sucked in on the "pay in full", 2 months free. DO NOT PAY this club in full, you will regret the transaction.

The worse business ethics and practices I have ever experienced. They are not honest and they have NO concern for customer service.

If you want to quit the club early, good luck receiving a timely refund or even an equitable refund.

My recommendation...don't join!!

Join the Y, join any club in the area, but, don't waste your time with this club. Please don't bother, I assure you, you will regret it

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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They all suck , CEO on down


Anytime does have alot of issues in the corporate office I beleive, but when i was being charged after i cancelled in pleasanton,ca i went in and the lady was very nice, she helped me get all the money back, gave me some free basketball tickets, and gave me another month for free, granted i did not use the month, but it was nice


Corporate Shill ALERT...AF is sending their office workers to pissed and posting rebuttals to legitimate complaints. Sad that it comes to this to try and keep dignity.

This franchiser s_ucks and Chuck knows it so he redirects resources for damage control. STAY AWAY from this business!


hang on let me get this straight. you paid in full and stopped using it and you think you deserve a refund?

would you try to get a refund for something you bought and only used a few times? idiots get no entitlements IMHO


Pay in "fool" and you will regret. Read posts all over this website and you will see this comes as no surprise to anyone.

This franchise is all about $$$ and members are just a means to an end. Franchisees have and will go to extremes to make money, including but not limited to throwing out the policies for their financial benefit.

Oversight from corporate is nearly non existent. BUYER BEWARE!