Madison, Wisconsin
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i singned up for anytime fitness back in februay.. may used the services a few months..

i calll to cancell my my membership first week of july like i was told to ice said i need to send a letter in wrighing and i wouldnt be charged.. and hi needed to be postmarked that day.. i did.. saying member number and my name and i want to cancell my services and no want to continue my membership, please do not take money out of my account ..

thinking this letter got to them per the lady in the office i talked to safying if they get it in the office befor aug 8th i would not be billed... we i got bill $124.00 PISSED i have bills coming out of my account... and im 124 short... and dont no what to do...IM PISSSED IM GOING TO HAVE BOUNCING CHECKS, AND I GET CHARGED 26 PER RETURN.

i dont no what to do... i dont get paid for 2 weeeks... and im a single parent.. and cant pay all my rent now..

because i did what jen told me to do at the tomah wisconsin office to wait till one before to call and cancell.. i did and i was to send a letter.. i asked if i could fax the letter,, the lady said no you can mail it and idid,, and i got charged...

i will contacking corporate in the morning,, and demanding a refund... and anytifme lost my bussiness...

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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If you dont understand a legal binding agreement then dont agree to the agreement you dont understand. Single Parent? So what.


Should of gone in to cancel. Who cares if your a single parent boo hoo.that has nothing to do with the fact that you signed up and now don't want to pay.


Did u keep a copy of the contract and the cancellation letter? You can contact the better buisness bureau and file q complaint. Eventually you may even get your money back.