Indianapolis, Indiana
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I was lied to and pressured into signing up for a personal trainer.After 3 months of him not showing up when we were supposed to meet, and him texting me at 5:30 in the morning to demotivate me I asked to switch trainers. Then I find out the contract I had was not the contract I had agreed to, I find out the old trainer attempted to alter my contract.

I then complain to the owner who was rude and unhelpful.

She then accused me of just trying to be lazy and quit my fitness program, when I just wanted to go to a gym that did not lie and have all this negativiety. They would not let me out of my contract and acted like I was wrong and would not even discuss how the trainer lied or attempted to alter my contract

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

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Standard Operating Procedure for this franchised, high employee turnover, low IQ, make money at all costs attitude business model. The 24/7 fitness franchises have mastered the hard sell and continue to wreak havoc in the fitness industry. Walk, run or sprint as fast as you can away from this company...and you'll get your workout in as well.

@SOP for Anytime

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I personally have had a GREAT experience at Anytime Fitness.

I like the club owner and my Trainer.

Both have went far beyond the normal roles you would expect from a gym. The Wausau Anytime Fitness is GREAT!


Your a *** artist. :grin