Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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Ive had it - for the 3rd time in just one year there is someone actually living at the gym! They sleep in either the massage or tanning room.

Quite obvious too: this time the person leaves her towel and large duffel bag in the common area. I understand it is a 24 hour gym, but seriously - management must be completely oblivious to their security footage! Sure doesn't make it appealing to work out - this person will come out; here and there, sit on a recumbent bike (no petaling), and watch TV with the cc on.

Or; better yet; sit on the floor in front of the mirror on the mat area to check her hair/face. This time it is a rather large woman, I am not about to approach her or *** her off - she has a fairly scary vibe to her, to say the least!

Reason of review: Security.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Anytime fitness Cons: Homeless people living there.

  • Security Concern
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Kidding right. Homeless have places to go.

Not the *** gym. *** hippies


Maybe this person is going through really hard times, and knows Elm Grove is a safe city to be in. Try saying hi to that person, and get to know their situation before judging them.

Your *** is typical from someone who lives in Elm Grove. Way to be a ***.


Totally feel for the homeless person - but, if businesses allow for homeless people to actually live (eat - sleep - etc) in their fitness center, it can detract from gym members that actually want to go to a safe environment and work out. How did this person get in?

Perhaps you should join a gym that has staff there, vs.

dealing with a place that doesn't sound safe. I don't think I'd ever join an Anytime or other 24 hour fitness center for this reason, (and many others.)


OMG have a heart...It gets very cold at night here in wisconsin and you really do not know her situation.What if she just escaped an abuser?Instead of being self centered and mean why dont you try and talk to her?Maybe even help her?Oh I know why it is all about you I forgot...some people I swear.


stop, no. just no