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The club in Peoria Arizona has been through a lot over the past couple years, and it doesn't help when new owners from Australia come in and try to make changes that don't do any good. The place was sub-par before they got there, so I will admit that they painted it to make it look more spunky and brought in some new fancy equipment that looks like it cost a lot.

But, they are still way behind compared to the many, many other clubs surrounding it. Did I mention that these other clubs are way cheaper than Anytime? I'm paying a good amount of money a month for this place, nothing special about it in anyway, really basic equipment. The owners are too busy making all their other clubs nice and new, while us in Peoria are left out.

Their ownership skills stink also. When they took over, a pleasant girl named Stephanie worked there and tried to run the place the best she could. They brought in another staff person, but he was there such a short amount of time I couldn't tell you his name to save my life. Then this new manager came in and took over.

She is rude, arrogant and doesn't seem to care when we the members make suggestions to her. Who here would love to hear some manager talk about you in a rude fashion in the office? I hear you all the time sweety! My earphones are not always on!

When they let Stephanie go earlier this week, that was last straw for me.

The owners obviously don't know how their new manager acts when they're not in town or how she complains about them when she thinks no one is listening. Very negative feeling in the club now, so won't be long until I cancel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

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I personally know the owners of this location and have known them for many,many years. They would NEVER put up with this situation if they were was aware of it as they do not do business that way. Go to the website and contact them directly and at least let them know of your concerns and experience.


This also happened to a manager in Michigan City, Indiana. After the manager got 500 members in one month, then was let go for a trainer.

I'm sure cheaper.

After all those members why I ask! Boycott Anytime Fitness


The average 24/7 employee stays less than 6 months and usually leaves unhappy so it will not be any of these employees who you will be dealing with in the future. I am certainly not suggesting you play the odds.

The employees with any knowledge, skill level and professionalism will stay even shorter as they sift through the smoke and mirrors business model presented. 24/7 clubs are set up solely for the franchisee to make money but in reality the bread winner is corporate. When the owner realizes this, it will be too late and they will not be able to recruit quality people because of the reputation they will acquire. Their goal will be to stay afloat long enough to sell the business.

This scenario is being played out all over the country with innocent franchisees being sold on this weak business model. Dreams then turn to nightmares.