Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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Anytime Fitness-Middleburg Fla. Facility

The owner is a total ***!

I wouldn't give her my business if she were the last fitness facility on earth!

She has no personality, she's only interested in you until you sign up. If you signed up somewhere else, she's really not interested in you. I recommend that you sign up a few miles away at the Argyle facility or one of the centers somewhere else!

She needs to take some " how to win friends & influence people" courses! Her place is always half dead and I can't imagine why?!#%* I never wish for ill-will on anyone but, she totally doesn't belong running a business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Facility.

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Do not go to this anytime fitness the owner is terrible and has no customer support she has an attitude constantly with everyone like she is above of everyone and she gives you *** all the time over nothing i would say go to the argyle anytime fitness or another gym even if its out of your way this gym is just to much stress and Kim Macy has no clue how to run a gym the right way!


after reading kim Macy replies I can tell you she is full of *** an this. Person is telling the truth she is a complete *** an has no right to be running a gym if anything she should run a eat all you can Buffet but she probably run that like *** to I would not recommend this gym to anyone based solely on her




Wow, I would agree with the customer I see this was in 2008 but after reading this I will not join I just moved to the area seems this owner has god syndrome i was looking for a place to join not here 4 sure that's if they r still in business ??


WOW All I want to say is I love what I do and all my members.I quess sometime you make someone mad along the way.It looks like this person went price shopping then decided to use my club on a regular basis when this happens corporate does auto transfer and that person must pay that clubs dues or be locked out.When you join 1 club you can use all as long as you use you home club most of the time. :)


for JON ,Anytime Fitness can be used by all members as long as they dont price shop.JON used only the club in middleburg and joined the lowest price club he could find in the area.He did write BBB and the issue was solved with them and corporate for the rights of the club in middleburg.You can not shop for the best deal and use only one club.Corporate does this do protect owners from people that chose to try to wheel and deal. :)



I joined Anytime Fitness on old field crossing road in jacksonville,florida in may of 2007. The main reason of me joining this Brand of Health Clubs was that after 30 days,you could attend ANY Anytime fitness locations nationwide 24/7. I also liked that you could pay annually,semi-annually or month to month. My method was semi-annually.

The Owners of my Home club(Anytime Fitness) on old field crossing road in jacksonville,florida have always been Very Very Friendly and Helpful at all times,they even attempted to help during this Problem with Anytime Fitness Corprate.

On my 3rd 6-month renewal(may2008-nov/2008), I prepaid like a normally do and continued to visit My home club and other Anytime Fitness clubs within the jacksonville,florida and surrounding areas. In May/2008 while i attended the Anytime fitness club at 420 college drive,middleburg,florida 6 times in 6 days-The owner of this club Kim Macy,contacted Anytime Fitness corprate in hastings,minnisota and had my account transfered to the middleburg,florida location without my consent(hoping to raise my monthly price).

In June/2008 my key fob to enter the clubs wouldn't work, i returned to my Home club and after further research found out about the transfer of my account without my knowledge.The owners of my Home club had contacted Anytime Fitness Corprate in Hastings,MN. to find out why my account was transfered without my consent and they also requested my prepaid account to be transfered back to the home club.

During the 1st weekof june/2008 i contacted ATF Corprate by phone on 2 times and emailed them once requesting my account to be transfered back.On 6/28/2008 after no previous luck with ATF Corprate i made a complaint with the Mn. BBB about the problem.On 7/23/2008 i recieved a message from the BBB saying the account dispute would be solved,so i agreed to drop the Complaint issue. On 7/24/2008 i recieved a phone message from Marty Flanagan with Anytime Fitness Corprate,that they transfered my membership back to my home club and have blocked my key fob from ALL Clubs nationwide,so i reopened my BBB complaint since my key fob would no longer work at any other ATF Clubs.

On the ATF Corprate website,it states after 30 days you can attend any ATF club nationwide-which now appears very untrue.

My account which was renewed in may/2008 was paid up untill nov/2008,but hasn't been available to use since june/2008.



Seems to me that the owner isn't a very reliable business woman. She needs to figure it out, QUICK.

Also, ANYONE can workout at ANYTIME FITNESS ---> WHENEVER!!! Hello, isn't that the point.

I don't care about how much about your financial obligations...I'm the consumer. Get it?


Standard Operating Procedure for this franchised, high employee turnover, low IQ, "make money at any cost" attitude business model. The 24/7 fitness franchises have mastered this process and continue to wreak havoc in the fitness industry. Walk, run or sprint as fast as you can away from this company...and you'll get a free workout in as well.