Wiggins, Mississippi

I pay 30.00 a month to anytime fitness. I have a busy work schedule any rarely get to go to the gym.

But instead of cancelling my membership I decided to go ahead and pay it for a few months until I get a slower schedule.... Anyway so I haven't been in that place for 2 and 1/2 months and still let them take my 30.00 a month out of my account. So this morning the bank teller tells me that there was a 58.50 charge on my account from anytime fitness. Somebody will give me my money back or we will go to court!!

The gym isn't worth what I paid and they still try to suck the life out of your account as it is. I don't recommend anyone to Anytime Fitness in Wiggins, MS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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I'm being overcharged too. I was told I was allowed to cancel my contract with anytime fitness.

So I was going through the process (as I don't even live close to one anymore) and was told to pay a cancellation fee of $396??

I was told I had to make good on that payment by January 31st so I emailed and went and made good on this and picked up my mail today only for it to be a collections agency stating I owe $861.96 (for anytime fitness) and it was sent on January 27th??? How does that make sense???


I also was over charged. I was suppose to have a contract and pay 21.20 a month for 18 months and find out there is no contract and they are charging me 43.00 a month liars and rip offs.

They will not answer phone , they have a odd ball company take care of billing. Wishy Wasshy to me.


If you were charged $58.50 instead of $30.00 you were most likely charged a late fee when the original payment didn't come out either because of non sufficient funds or because your card on file was expired. As far as them charging late fees "because they want to" it's an automatic system.

If you don't have money in your account, they have the right to charge late fees. When you sign an agreement, it's a legal document. You agree to pay a certain amount every month and Anytime Fitness agrees to have a location for you to use. Whether or not you choose to use that is up to you.

If you didn't use your cell phone you would still have to pay for it.

The gym is no different. Regardless of how you were explained the agreement when you signed up, it's still your responsibility to read it.


It probably included the annual upgrade fee that month that you most likely agreed to in your signed contract at the beginning of your time there.


Even if you are signed up for automatic withdrawal from your checking account, they try to charge you late fees. Also, watch out--when your contract ends, they will continue to withdraw money from your account and tell you that you are automatically renewed.


You have a bad gym. ..

Not all of them are like that. ..