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I cancelled my Anytime Fitness BARSTOW membership in February 2016. I followed the company policy and provided a letter of cancellation.

I was told I would have to pay for another month because Anytime Fitness dictates a 30-day cancellation policy. I paid the fee.

In March 2016 I received a letter from the Anytime Fitness billing department and it stated that I was past due for my membership. I called the Manager in BARSTOW and she stated that my membership was cancelled but her computer said I was past due. I went in to the facility paid the past due payment (only to protect my credit standing).

In April I received another letter from Anytime's billing Dept. Again, to protect my credit rating I paid the *** fee.

This was not the first or even second time I had problems with billing from Anytime...In those instances the managers at the time helped me out and cleared the billing errors.

However, this time the new manager tried to charge me for March, April and May! Anytime utilizes young kids to manage the facility in BARSTOW, and they do not have a professional attitude, knowledge of customer service or problem resolution.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Terminate the manager and hire a person with integrity.

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Your complaint sounds valid to me, even though I am very happy with my local Anytime Fitness membership. At least your total amount lost was fairly low.

I'd continue pursuing this computer error with everyone you can until they give you evidence that it has been fixed.

Otherwise, you may receive future bills. Best of luck.