Tampa, Florida

I went to the Anytime Fitness in Largo because my friends were going there and said it was a nice gym. I asked them how much they paid and they both said 30 a month and they only paid 15 to sign up which included their initiation fee/key fee.

I called before to ask if they still had that deal going on and the one manager I spoke to said first it would be 30, then he later on the phone told me there was a 15 dollar promotion that I could do instead. So I went to sign up the next day and was immediately taken by one of the pushy employees and pushed paperwork. I thought the gym was nice though and clean so I decided to do it under agreement that it would 15 dollars then 30 a month. NOPE.

He ran my card and brought my paperwork out and it came out to almost 100 dollars for a 30 dollar key fee, 30 dollar initiation fee and then an extra 30 for my first month. And then was told the following month I would have an extra charge to make sure my rate stays the same. When I got home I called the much nicer manager named Nick from the Tyrone location and explained to him what happened and he gave me a key to their gym and I decided to do month to month there. However, they had to call and report the incident and when I went into the Oakhurst one to return my key to the manager- he ripped my paperwork up.

When I asked about the month to month deal, he told me "I had to talk to Nick about that" very rudely. The only positive part of that experience was that I thankfully got my money refunded. I decided to not go to that franchise at all anymore because of the experience.

Tyrone location and staff is very helpful and nice. Oakhurst is the opposite.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

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