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Work out since 2001 with weights and machines, and always a run on the treadmill. The use of cell phones is obnoxious, as well as moving usual bars and equipment to machines that clearly aren't for that type of bar, just to be different, and not moving the bar off, once finished Some of what I have seen is insane and dangerous, all in the interest of being different.

People are stretching on the SMITH for one, and keeps me from using it for what it's intended. There is no one looking or stopping this type of activity. Also, the idea of circuit training is not to tie up everyone who wants to use a machine or weight bench. Members walk around, expecting to come back to the same place they left off 10 minutes after walking around talking pretending to be circuit training, and get upset you took over the machine.

The use of cell phones needs to stop... gym rule should be posted. It's gotten out of hand that I have to wait for a machine or bench because someone is reading their email/texts. It's beyond reason.

We all stop between rep sets, but only for a minute... not 10!.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Gym Facility.

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