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I knocked off from work one day and I'm actually finding a gym that is not so expensive and convenient for me. That day I decided to drop by the outlet at NEX serangoon as I call before and they didn't really helped me with my enquires but asked me to go down instead.

That part it's okay I can tolerate. The worst part is that when explaining the terms and the policy. They are not honest at all. What they told me and what I found out after that was totally different!

I was told that after joining if I want to freeze my membership because of exams or whatsoever, I can freeze it anytime without limit. But in the end before I terminate the membership, I went there one day to asked some questions and what the person who told me and what the person who say that day was different. That day the guy was telling me I can stop anytime without limit. But when I ask, he told me maximum 30 days, and can freeze only once.

Secondly, he didn't mention about the 6 months "probation" in order to terminate the membership. I only knew about it when I went to terminate my membership today. Thirdly, that *** didn't tell me that in order to terminate the membership I must be at least 30km away from SG in order for the reason to be valid. Wth?

I'm a poly student whose gonna start school this April. Having to travel everyday to school for at least 2 hours. How would I have the time to go all the way to NEX just to exercise? Totally unfair to me!

And can still dare to charge me a month fee plus the $100 termination fee when they are in the wrong!

Can never believe them. So FAKE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Honesty and unfairm.

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But after u sign up, was there a piece of paper given to you?stating to terms and conditions,regards to terminate and the rules all those?


So did u pay the cancellation fees after all?