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I felt compelled to inform current and future Anytime Fitness customers of the poor business ethics and morals of this business, specifically the location at 2504 S Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL 32828, which is located across from Stoneybrook in the Waterford Lakes area.

I have been a member of Anytime Fitness and other various fitness centers for many years, and during this time I have never seen such despicable business practices as I have from the management of Anytime Fitness. I called and canceled my membership by phone (or so I thought) in November of 2014. The representative that I spoke with at this location informed me my membership was canceled and I would no longer be billed. I later found out that this representative actually had placed a 6 month freeze on my account instead. This freeze on my account meant that I no longer saw any charges to my card for 6 months, leading me to believe my account was in fact canceled.

As a result of this representative’s actions, billing resumed in the March 2015 timeframe unbeknownst to me. I was charged $38.00 a month until I realized the ABC Financial charge, (which is not readily identifiable as an Anytime Fitness charge), on my statements in September of 2016. This totaled approximately $700.00 of monthly charges by this timeframe!

I assumed as a reasonable individual that this could be corrected by a management with a customer service focused attitude. Unfortunately, I was greatly mistaken and accused of lacking integrity instead by this staff at this location. I contacted the staff by phone and spoke with a staff member who informed me my account was still active and had resumed after a six month freeze. I also verified with the staff member that my last visit to the fitness center was in November 2015, which was at the time of my cancelation. The staff member informed me I would have to call back several days later to speak with a manager about the situation. The staff member did state he could cancel my membership and did so over the phone so I would not incur any additional charges.

I spoke with Pam, who the staff member identified as a manager and/or owner of the location. I informed Pam of the situation and explained the details above. I thought any reasonable person with a sense of sound morals could clearly see that this mistake should be corrected. It was evident that I had attempted to cancel my membership in November of 2014 when I had called to cancel my membership, but it had instead been placed on a freeze. This was further clear as I had not visited the club since I had the erroneous freeze placed my account. And of course, with the charges dropping off my card for several months, it would be reasonable for me to believe the account was in fact canceled.

Pam stated to me that they DO NOT cancel memberships via the phone. I informed Pam that not only had the representative from November 2014 stated my membership was canceled over the phone, but just this past weekend the representative I spoke with said he had canceled my membership via the phone. Pam stated this was not their policy for cancelations, and that the actual policy had to be followed. I asked her how am I supposed to be aware of their policy if their own staff communicated to me that they could cancel my account over the phone. Pam stated that since nothing was in writing it was my word against the staff and she would have to rely on my statements alone, which she WAS NOT willing to do.

I asked Pam to look at the situation with the facts I spelled out above and was told simply, “I’m not refunding that kind of money.” I asked Pam, how she or Anytime Fitness could feel entitled to my money without rendering me any services for that period of time? I had not visited the club in over 18 months since my attempted cancelation and I had not benefited from their membership in any way, nor had they incurred any loss as a result of my continued membership. Pam obviously had no reasonable answer to this but instead stated that there were many members who held their membership for many years without visiting the club and then returned. While I don’t doubt this happens, CLEARLY this was not my circumstance and this had been an error of the staff that should be corrected. Pam further stated this employee does not work at this location any longer and she could not be held accountable for their actions. I believe regardless, the current management who is actively billing me erroneously should correct a mistake which is clearly on the part of the Anytime management.

I hope this can serve as a serious consideration for anyone thinking about joining Anytime Fitness or staying with this business. I had previously thoroughly enjoyed my time with the fitness center and would have been a loyal future customer when it was time to consider a fitness membership. Needless to say, I will not be considering Anytime Fitness as a result of these poor business practices. I believe this demonstrates complete disrespect of the Anytime Fitness customer base and is a clear money grab tactic. Throughout this process I have treated not as a customer but as a scammer. My integrity and trustworthiness was directly questioned as if I was attempting to commit fraud when Anytime Fitness had defrauded me out of a large sum of money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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