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I'm a poly student who is gonna start school in April. Although I have terminated my membership with Anytime Fitness at NEX Serangoon, but I felt that I was cheated by your guys at there.

It happened like this. I went over one day after my work and I wanted to enquiry about the fees and terms and conditions. In fact I called and when they finally answer after almost 50 tries, I was in the end told by your guy to go down and find out myself. I called its because I wanted it to be more convenient for me.

But ended up getting a rude answer. That one I can still tolerate. It's this case that I cannot tolerate, how can your guys be not honest to a client who's gonna pay 200+ just for the membership and. 1000+ for a whole year?

Firstly, when I went there I to,d the guy very clearly I just want to find out the prices that's all. But your guy kept talking and having those forcing type of attitude to ask me to join. Secondly, when I signed up, your guy didn't tell me that the freezing period is only 30 days and can only freeze once. When I was asking about that price range he told me that I can freeze anytime I want and can just give a call to say when I want to stop.

What he said and what I found out in the end was totally two different worlds. Thirdly, the termination policy. I was only told today that I must be at least 30km away from Singapore in order for the termination to be a reason. As what I mentioned, I'm a poly student who is starting school soon.

I take at least 2 hours to reach school and another 2 hours to reach home. Taking 4 hours to go to school and reaching home and having to come out with time to travel all the way to NEX Serangoon just to make sure my money is not wasted, it's so tiring. Plus my homework? Fourthly, when I went to terminate my membership, you guy was still arguing with me in terms of who is right and who is wrong.

In terms of business, I should not terminate but when I was signing up, no one told me about the 6 months period. It's your guys who are not being honest with me in the first place! And having to be told off saying I'm in the wrong is totally unfair to me! Fifth, when I was signing up the 6 months period was not mentioned at all, and having to pay another month of fees together with the termination fees is so unfair to me!

Six, when I signed up the guy was telling me that in few days the coach will call you to talk about goals and diet, etc. But it's been almost a month and where's the coach? Where the phone call? Not even a single message was sent!

Seeing people saying how friendly and helpful the people at Anytime Fitness at NEX are, it's all FAKE. I can never believe you guys again!

I hope you can give me satisfied reply ASAP. Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Not honest, unfair treatment.

Monetary Loss: $440.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Anytime fitness Cons: Poor customer service, Being not honest.

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