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The Bushnell "ANYTIME FITNESS" has ads that has run stating that they were having tanning beds and it's almost APRIL and they OPENED in JANUARY. TO TAN with the membership is $15. extra a month and to TAN Down the ROAD is like $50. and I'd not joined a "GYM" that advertised TANNING and then NOT HAVE IT...

Not to mention how I've been there and not one employee has made me feel like my membership was important to them by being CORDIAL

THEN I walked off and left my CELL PHONE (A Tracfone for gods sake) and within 45 minutes, IT WAS GONE! They had VIDEO and yet..NO PHONE...I went to look for MY PHONE and there were 4 or 5 others lying around and that CHEAP "TRACFONE" of mine was "GONE!" and there were ANDROID PHONES lying around and I thought..I BET IF I PICKED ONE OF THESE UP, they'd playback the phone thing...and call "ME" out...

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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You are a crybaby bullshitter :cry


:? Well, if you didn't want to lose your tracfone in the first place, you shouldn't have left it laying around.

Keep it in your pocket or car or somewhere safe. It's really not that difficult to do.

I'm pretty sure those people working there have been shat on by unhappy customers; what's the big deal? You want to be congratulated for going to a gym?

***, your congratulations should be that you even HAVE a gym to go to in the first place; you should be thanking those people for having a place for you to go to. Geez. Besides, are you there to work out, or are you there to tan yourself? If if's the latter, go to a tanning salon, and save room for the people who actually WANT to work out.

FFS. Crybaby.